Chapter 43

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As soon as I saw you I knew that a grand adventure was about to happen
Sean's POV:
The alarm on my bedside table wakes me up with its blearing noise. Do they have to make these things so loud? I sit up in bed and instantly get out. For the first time in years, I am considering waking up earlier. The earlier I wake up means the sooner I get to see pookie. Who doesn't want that? I make my way to my bathroom and quickly shower and throw on some sweatpants and a t-shirt. Then I brush my teeth and hair. I have to look my best.

I walk out of my room and turn to go to the kitchen, but I stop when I see two figures leaning against the wall by our music room. I walk closer and I see Cameron and North sitting up against the wall. They both have their eyes closed and I would be lying if I said it wasn't cute. I think North would kill me if he ever found out I said that about him.

As I come closer I step on a loose floorboard and it lets out a low squeak. North's eyes pop open and he looks panicked but when he sees it is me he raises a finger to his lips and makes a motion for me to come forward. I quietly do so and when I get close enough to the music room, I understand what the boys are doing.

Sang's voice floats from the room and it sounds like she has been up for a while. Her voice doesn't have the crackly sound of somebody just now waking up. "She is singing to Lily." Cameron whispers quietly and I nod my head in acknowledgement.

I listen for one more minute before I plop down right beside North. He looks at me and smirks slightly but I laugh. He would never miss a chance to be around her and I definitely am not. Nobody with an IQ higher than one would miss this chance.

Well, maybe Owen if is head is still stuck up his ass.

Only a few seconds after I sit down does two more doors down the hall open. Brandon and Marc both walk out looking like they got ran over by trains. When they walk out they both have their heads down and of course, they run straight into each other. They knock back off of each other and their hands shoot up to rub their heads as they let out matching groans. Idiots.

Cameron however must find this hilarious because his little kid giggles burst from his mouth and his hands shoot to cover them up while North pulls his head against him so they are muffled. This gets the two idiots attention and when they look over at us they both furrow their eyebrows as if the collision is causing hallucinations.

I quickly put a finger over my mouth when they begin to open theirs. I mimic the motion North gave me earlier and they quietly make their way towards us. When they get close enough they must hear Sang's voice because small smiles grace their faces and they plop down on the other side of the hall with no question.

Raven's door down the hall opens and he pops his head out and has a gun by his side. He definitely heard Brandon and Marc run into each other, and probably thought somebody was coming to hurt Corey. Or Sang. I think both are a possibility now.

I quickly see Corey's head pop out and he looks around. He sees all of us and tries to walk out but hands wrap around him and yank him back into the room. Possessive Russian.

I think Raven must trap him back in the room but before I know it Corey is coming back out and a moping Raven is following. They make their way towards us. When they get close enough to hear Sang, Ravens pout goes away and a smile takes over his face. The same happens to Corey and he quickly sits down while Raven does as quietly as he can. It isn't very quiet but I don't think Sang can hear him while she's singing.

Axel comes strolling down the hallway still in his pajama pants and sees all of us sitting in the floor. His eyebrows raise but he comes over to us with no questions. He sits down and acts like it is completely normal that seven grown men are sitting on the floor listening to the girl they like singing, at 5:45 in the morning.

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