Chapter 33

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I am okay with being forgettable because the ones that truly care about me could never forget me.
Sang's POV:
My eyes shoot open when I hear the obnoxious blaring of my alarm. Is it really time to get up already? I look over at the clock and sure enough it is time to get up.

Before I can get out from under the covers I hear the pitter patter of footsteps and Cameron comes bursting into my room. He runs and jumps on the bed, landing right on top of me. A breath of air whooshes out of me but I laugh and begin tickling him. "Stop! Ahahahh stop!" Cameron squeals and I eventually stop. When I do, he slumps against me, tired from all of the tickling.

Cameron wraps his arms around my midsection and lays his head down on my chest. We really need to get up and I should tell him this, but the truth is he's getting older. Cameron isn't going to always want to just lay down and snuggle with me so I am taking every moment I can get out of him.

I grab my phone from the nightstand and check it. There is one message from Kota.

Kota: Sang none of us will be at school today. We have to prepare for a job and need today to do so. We will be there tomorrow. Also, this weekend we have to go on a trip for our job. I really am sorry sweetheart and we promise to make it up to you.

I don't know why they think I would be mad, but I'm not. These boys had a life before me and of course I love having them around, but they don't revolve around me. Plus this gives me a chance to hang out with Cameron.

Sang: Don't worry about it Kota. Just be careful and I'll see you all tomorrow.

Kota: Always.

I set my phone back down on the nightstand and Cameron somehow snuggles closer into me. I gently rub his back and he lets out small sighs. I lift his shirt slightly to rub his back better, but I instantly stop myself. There is a medium sized bruise on his back that looks like it has been there for at least two days. How had I never noticed? I gently touch the bruise and Cameron flinches.

"Cam how did this happen?" I ask in the calmest tone I can manage. My first thought is mom did it, but she hasn't been home.

"I fell." He shrugs and I can feel my eyebrows tip down.

"This is a pretty bad bruise for just falling. Where did you fall from?" I ask him.

"The monkey bars outside." Cameron states in a matter of fact tone and I almost believe him.

"Why did you not tell me?" I push on and he stiffens,

"I didn't think it mattered." He mumbles into my chest and I sigh.

"Bud you gotta tell me when you are hurt. I know I am pretty amazing but I am not a mind reader. I have something that could help you." I explain and he nods at me. I don't believe he got it from the monkey bars but I know it wasn't mom so I assume he was jumping around and doing something he wasn't supposed to, and just didn't want me to know.

I manage to slide out of bed with Cameron attached to me like a monkey. I walk us both to the bathroom and let him stand on the toilet. "Arms up!" I say and mimic it by throwing my arms up in the air, eliciting giggles from him.

I gently turn him around then get the bruise cream from the cabinet. I open the tube of medicine and squeeze a generous amount out onto my hand. I begin to rub it on Cameron's back and he jumps when I first put it on his back because of how cold it is.

He patiently waits until I am satisfied. "Okay you are done. It is time to get dressed for school. Do you want me to pick an outfit or you?" I question and he thinks about it for a minute.

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