Chapter 21

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I try to make people feel loved and wanted because I know what it is like to not feel loved or wanted
Sang's POV:
In the car Victor and I are sitting in the front, Gabriel and Luke are sitting in the back. Before we got in I tried to convince Luke or Gabe to ride upfront, but I practically got pushed into the front seat. "Will somebody please play some music?" Luke begins whining and I smile at that. Victor reaches up and turns on the radio, then begins to flip through the stations. We go through rock, pop and country before a classical song I recognize comes on.

Victor leaves it and instantly Gabe begins to pout. "Come on! Your gonna put Sang to sleep up there!" He sighs exasperatedly and Victor thinks for a moment before he reaches to change the station.

"Can you leave it? I like this song." I ask sheepishly and Luke and Gabe's mouths drop open while Victors head shoots towards me.

"You know this song?" He asks as if it is impossible.

"Yup. Summer by Vivaldi right? I like this one but Winter is my favorite." I nod. Victor just smiles and nods, and Luke and Gabe stay quiet for the rest of the ride. I quietly hum the whole way there.

Once we get there Luke opens my door. "Here you are madam!" He announces while bowing towards me. I take his hand and grin at him. "Why thank you kind sir!" I giggle and Victor chuckles while Gabe just smiles and shakes his head. We walk into the mall and instantly Gabe gets a serious look on his face.

"Okay trouble first place were going is Victorias Secret. You need stuff that fits you so that we can make sure everything today fits you well." Gabe tells me and I instantly flush but the other just start walking towards the store.

"Gabe this shopping trip is going to be small right? I can't exactly afford a ton of stuff." I tell him in a whispered tone. It is kind of embarrassing.

"Trouble I told you it is taken care of. Victors paying, isn't that right?" Gabe asks and Victors attention is on us.

"Yup princess it would be my pleasure." Victor tells me and I am instantly shaking my head no. Victor places a hand to my lips and shakes his head. "Nope no arguing. Your getting a ton of new stuff and it doesn't matter how much it costs. It is your day and it wold make me feel good to spoil you. Okay princess?" He asks.

"Alright prince." I mumble and that gets a smile out of him. We make it to the store and I expect Victor and Luke to stay outside but they stroll on in like it is nothing.

"Okay trouble take a look around and tell me what you like. There's pink, blue, red, lace, satin. There is everything." Gabe tells me and my nerves begin to mess with me. I don't know how to do this stuff and it isn't exactly something you do with your guy friends. "How bout we get your size checked?" He asks and all I can do is nod.

"Excuse me mam can you measure my friend here and help her find as much as she wants. At last 10 bras and 10 pairs of underwear. Please do not let her leave with anything less." Gabe waves down an associate.

The lady smiles kindly at me and nods at Gabe but I feel like I am frozen in place. "Gabe that is way too much!" He simply waves me off and the associates grin widens and she pulls me along to the dressing rooms.

"Sweetheart I must say you are one lucky girl. Now what is your favorite color?" The lady asks. My checks turn red but I am able to mumble the word 'pink.' "Alright I am gonna go find you a few styles you may like and let you try everything on is that okay with you?" The lady asks and I nod, then wait.

The associate returns and hands me everything, then I begin changing. After I have tried everything on I pick 5 styles of bras I like, and 5 styles of underwear and leave the dressing room. The lady is waiting outside and takes my things, then brings them to where Gabe is waiting. She hands them to him and my cheeks heat up so much I am surprised they haven't caught fire. "Luke and Victor went to look at books. These fit your personality perfect trouble. I grabbed some others if that is okay. If not you can tell me no and I will drop this subject. It is up to you." Gabe tells me with a relaxed smile and all I can do is nod at him.

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