Chapter 49

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Maybe one day we will finally learn to love ourselves and stop apologizing for the things that make us who we are
Sang's POV:
I can hear voices surrounding me but I'm so warm and comfortable that I simply nuzzle deeper into my pillow. "Guys look!" I hear a voice say and I groan slightly. Don't people know how to be quiet?

"Gentlemen leave." I hear another voice say but when this voice speaks, my pillow rumbles.

I slowly blink my eyes open and come face to face with a toned chest. The room goes quiet and once I look around I see thirteen men surrounding me. Some have their phones out while others are simply staring at me. "You're back!" I say as excitedly as I can for just now waking up.

Chuckles go around the room and I blush slightly. I turn my attention to Nathan who is clearly taking a picture of me. "Why are you taking pictures?" I ask and he grins.

"Well considering when we left I thought you and Owen were going to get in a cat fight, this is a surprise." Nathan smiles at me and I am confused until I remember the toned chest I happen to have woken up on. I slowly look up and find Owen Blackbourne staring at me with a tiny smile on his face. His arms are wrapped around me and I am basically on top of him. I guess I slept on his bare chest the whole night. Bare chest! "Good morning." I whisper quietly and he chuckles softly.

"Good morning darling." The use of my pet name sends a wave of chills throughout my body and I turn my attention back to everyone else to distract myself. Everybody except Sean is looking at us like we have lost our minds.

"How did you go from enemies to that!" Luke and Marc shout and Owen groans.

"Be quiet. Go away." Owen demands and rolls both of us over until he is practically on top of me. I start laughing because I would never expect this from him.

"You can't expect us just to walk away! We just now got back." Brandon complains and Owen sighs.

"Five minutes. Give her time to wake up please." Owen says and I don't hear anybody say anything. I assume they are doing that weird eye-talk thing and I am right when I hear everyone leave with no complaints. I hear a door shut and Owen rolls off of me.

Before Owen can see my bright red face from blushing so hard I roll back over and bury my face into a pillow. The room is quiet before I feel a pair of arms cautiousally wrap themselves around me. "I'm sorry they got in. I'm pretty sure Luke picked the lock." Owen grumbles and that makes me laugh. That is the exact thing Luke would do.

"I don't mind."I smile into the pillow. I want everything to be good but my mind keeps going back to one thing. Will Owen stay the way he is? Will he go back to being so...cold? Of course Owen noticed my hesitation because he rolls my body over and angles us so that we are looking at each other.

"What's wrong?" Owen seems just as nervous as me and I would laugh if I weren't scared.

"I like your personality and the way you act of course. I was just wondering if you are going to go back to the way you were before? I mean I liked you the way you were before but I like it better when you're...nice to me. That sounded rude and I swear I didn't mean it li-" I beg cut off from my rant when Owen places a finger on my mouth.

"No Sang. It isn't rude and it is a really good question. I can promise you I will not go back to the way I was before. You see the way I am right now? That's the way I'm gonna act. I know it was so unfair of me but I promise I'm gonna change it all around." He promises and there is a determined tone in his voice.

I open my mouth to respond when the door bursts open. I jump to the side and realize that I am on the edge of the bed. I brace myself to hit the ground but before I can a pair of tattooed arms wraps under my knees and around my back, then lifts me up. I squeak when I am pulled up against a chest that I realize is Raven's. "Little bird you need to be more careful. You could have gotten bruised." Raven shakes his head like I was the one who scared him.

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