Chapter 45

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If today feels heavy and like too much to handle, remember that this is okay. You are allowed to fell overwhelmed. You are allowed to feel exhausted. You are allowed to feel hopeless. You are allowed to feel.
Luke's POV:
My eyes slowly open as I feel the bed move. I look up and see my cupcake laying back down in the middle of Gabe and I. I wrap my hand around her waist and under her shirt like it was last night. Her skin is warm and smooth despite the scars that linger there. "Where did you go?" I grumble slightly.

"I had to move the elf. I forgot to last night." Sang whispers quietly, clearly trying to not wake Gabe up.

I rest my head in the crook of her neck and she giggles slightly. "That tickles."

"Stop bothering her Luke. I need my beauty rest." Gabe groans and tries to snuggle up to Sang but I don't let him. I quickly jump out of bed and grab Sang, the blanket, and a pillow. Then I set off towards the living room while Gabe sits up and his mouth drops open.

"Where are you taking her? She's like my pillow!" He complains and Sang laughs while resting her forehead against my chest, trying to keep the noise down.

I run straight into the living room and throw us onto the couch. I make sure to land on my back first so that I don't hurt Sang. By now she is giggling like crazy and I determine it, my life mission is to make her giggle every single day of our lives together. Trust me when I say there will be a lot.

I grab the remote as Sang sits up slightly. She wipes hair out of her face then lays back down by me and I almost burst at how happy this makes me. A week or two ago she would have completely locked up laying with us but now, now it's natural.

I put on a random show and run my fingers through her hair as her eyes continuously flutter shut, then back open. She is fighting sleep with everything she has in her.

Five minutes later Gabe comes huffing into the room. "It is five in the damn morning. Why did you make her leave bed? She would have went back to sleep and she needs it."

I look down and point at my body. Gabe's eyes follow my finger and sure enough Sang's eyes are shut tight and her mouth is popped open slightly. Gabe's eyes soften and the glare he once had disappears. He makes his way over and carefully lifts her feet until they are on his lap and he runs his hand up and down her legs.

Gabe snatches the TV remote from me and changes it to his favorite channel. The model channel. Not because he likes looking at the girls themselves though. It is because his favorite thing to do is judge the outfits they are wearing and get ideas.

It is something we have all gotten used to and just accept it now honestly. For the next hour or so we watch TV uninterrupted until doors down the hall begin opening and all of the guys, and Ms.Green begin making their way out.

The first person in the room is Axel followed by Brandon, Corey, Raven, Marc, Mr.B, Sean and then finally Ms.Green. The guys all find seats on the couch, only after they give Sang a kiss on the forehead or cheek. Except Mr.B, he only looks at her and then takes his seat. Asshole.

They all begin watching TV and I look up to see where Ms.Green went, but she is staring at every single one of us with a disapproving look. "What?" I whisper quietly enough to not wake Sang up.

Ms.Green turns her attention to me and she shakes her head. "Why in the world are you watching this?" She demands quietly and I see Gabe furrow his eyebrows together.

"I always watch this. You have seen me watching it. What's wrong with it?" He asks defensively and Ms.Green looks absolutely livid.

By now everyone is watching the scene with wide eyes except for the girl who is sleeping peacefully on top of me. "You have a female in the house who you seem very interested in, Gabe." She says like that explain it all but when we all look around at her, she winces and breathes in deeply.

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