Chapter 13

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The broken will always be able to love harder than most. Once you've been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.
We make it to their office, and Luke barges right in. I'm stuck in between North and Silas with Victor and Nathan on my sides.

It is like were moving in a unit.

As we all step in I walk with the four boys surrounding me, to the middle of the room. "Where is Miss. Sorenson?" I hear Mr.Blackbourne ask from outside my bubble of protection. I try to step forward but it is of no use because nobody lets me by. I resort to raising my voice and talking to them.

"I'm right here."

"Boys please move from Miss. Sorenson. I am sure she would like room to breathe.''
I can hear North grunt but still he obeys and lets me leave. As I step out Dr.Green is right there smiling down at me. I return the smile as he leads me to a chair and sits me down.

"Alright Sang I'm going to feel your shoulder and see how its healing. Is that alright?" I nod and he gently starts to prove around my shoulder. I realize the room is quiet so I lift my head to see what is happening. Everybody is looking at me except for Dr.Green who is still probing my shoulder. As I stare into Mr.Blackbournes grey eyes I can feel the blush on my face form at a rapid rate.

"Aww princess even blushes like one." Victor says with a small smile.
"Princess?" I squeak out at my blush intensifies .
"Yeah your so cute and tiny but can stand up and take charge. Exactly like a princess." He says smiling wider now. At this point my cheeks heat up so much you would have to hose me down to get them to cool off.

"Aww look at you trouble. Why are you blushing so bad?" Gabe asks and I can see him biting back a grin. Dr.Green grabs a really sore spot in my shoulder when I wasn't expecting it causing me to let out a whimper of pain. Surprisingly it is Mr.Blackbourne who speaks up.

"Sean could you please be more careful." He says in a stern tone that really says 'Sean you will be more careful.' Scary man.

"Sorry Sang. Okay everything but the muscle in your shoulder has healed. The muscle has gotten worse. You can't be lifting heavy things. I want North to massage your shoulder. If it is okay with your parents I would like to be apart of the group that comes over tonight so I can do a healing massage on it at night." Dr.Green says with a smirk on his face at the end.

"What do you mean the group that comes over tonight?" I ask as my eyebrows furrow.

"Sweetie we were gonna ask if a few of us could come over the next few nights at least and help you out." Kota says.

"No you can't do that! It would be so boring for you all. Last night I'm sure was bad for you, I can't ask that again. Especially since it will just be me taking care of Cam and Lily." I say in a determined tone.

"Sang baby yes you can. Trust me last night we had much more fun than we have had in a long time." North argues.

"Plus aggele when Cameron and Lily go to sleep we get you all to ourselves. You also look very cute taking care of kids." Silas agrees. I groan but finally relent and there are smiles of satisfaction all around, except for Mr.Blackbourne.

"Do you need to call your parents and ask Ms.Sorenson?" Speak of the devil.
"No sir. It is fine if they come over."
"Your mother won't care?"
"She won't be home."

"Sang when did your mom come home last night? We never saw another car pull in." Luke asks.

"She didn't come home. She is on a work trip right now." I answer with a polite but equally guarded tone. Luke nods, but Mr.Blackbourne decides to probe.

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