Chapter 12

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She's in the clouds, heavy and dark, waiting to fall like the rain
Warning: This is a very long, drawn out filler chapter. I didn't originally write it with that intent, but it worked best this way. I still encourage you read it, but be warned.
Having people around after so many years of being alone is incredibly new. I woke up this morning around 4 am and spent about an hour writing in my song book. It is one of the most precious things in the world to me. That book is where I write all of my sad feelings. I have never exactly had someone to rant to. With the kids I always try to be happy as much as I can. Of course I show them it's okay to be upset too, but never as much as I am.

After I finish writing I check the time. 5;30. N0t too bad. I stumble into the kitchen because my leg happened to fall asleep. Going through he fridge we have a few things but there are mainly eggs, peppers, and tomatoes. Omelets it is. I pull my ingredients out and line them up on the counter. I grab a pan from the cabinets and put it on medium heat to warm the oil up. I grab a bowl and start to crack 5 eggs in it. 3 For Cam and 2 for Lily. I of course add a little bit of milk so that the egg will be fluffy. Then I add salt and pepper to the egg mixture. After my pan heats up I pour 3/5 of the mixture in the pan so I can make Cams omelet. While that cooks I head over to the counter, very quickly.

I think my feet might get hypothermia from walking across the cold floor this early in the morning.

Ignoring my hypothermia, I grab the cutting board and cut the peppers and tomatoes up. By the time I am done the omelet is ready to be flipped. I flip it then add my vegetable mix, and some cheese. In another pan I add the rest of my egg mix and then scramble the eggs, then add my vegetable mix. By the time it is 6 the food is done and I am ready to wake up the kids.

I walk to Lily's room first and see she is still completely passed out. I pick her up with one arm and she snuggles into my chest, and slowly opens her eyes. "Hey babygirl you gotta wake up. It is time for breakfast then you get to go back to daycare." I coo softly. It does absolutely nothing to get her up. "Lily it is your favorite kind of eggs." At this she of course perks up.

"Scwambled?" Lily asks as her eyes light up and she lifts her head to look at me.

"Yeah now we gotta wake Cameron up and we can go eat."

"Lets go!" She squeals out, easily putting a smile on my face.

I walk into Cameron's room and he is completely tangled up in his sheets. I can see his mouth is wide open and a little bit of drool is coming out. I might be biased but I think it is very cute.

I walk over and sit on the edge of his bed and slowly unwrap my burrito of a brother. "Cam it is time to wake up. I have breakfast ready." I coo exactly like I did Lily. Except this time he pops up with wide eyes and crazy hair.

"Food?" He asks with a cute little smile. I nod my head yes and he makes the motion of being picked up. I think the Lord gave me some odd non-human strength because I manage to pick them both up and balance each one on a hip. They both snuggle their heads into me. I walk down the stairs and my shoulder is really starting to hurt. Perfect.

The second I make it downstairs there is a knock on my door. I ignore it but less than a minute later there it is again. I walk over and sneakily look out the window. Victor, Gabe, and Nathan are all standing on my porch.

I open the door, which is not easy with a kid on each hip. "Uhm hi?" I say with a bit of curiosity.

Gabe waltzes right in and I can't help but laugh at him. "So what are you three doing here this early in the morning?" I ask. Gabe ends up being the one to speak up first.

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