Chapter 54

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Warning: the last half of this chapter is mature content.
The day you accept yourself for who you are is the day you will finally start living
Sang's POV:
We make it back to the house just in time for us to start getting ready. I have to bathe, fix my hair, makeup, and get dressed. All of the guys have to get ready too. Cameron's play is at 4 o clock and he will stay at the daycare until the time of the play. Lily is staying too but in a separate program so that we don't have to worry too much about her.

"How you feeling peanut?" Nathan asks me as we make our way to the kitchen and I am passed a water.

"I'm excited. I want him to enjoy it and I think he has opened up and come out of his shell more since he's been here." I comment and Brandon nods his head.

"Cameron will get grow up for most of his life here and Lily will have basically all of her life. The kids will always know what it's like to live in a good home." When Brandon says it there is a longing to his voice that I don't dare miss. There is also so much hope. Maybe it's hope that he wants everything to work out. I think it will though. And the guys? They'll be amazing role models. I couldn't ask for better ones.

Especially with all the personalities and differing interests. Cameron should never be bored.

"People will probably think we're crazy all of us showing up tonight." Marc chuckles lowly.

"It's a good thing because I am crazy. People need to know." Raven huffs with a fake pout while sending a smirk in my direction. Crazy Russian.

"Trouble I ordered the perfect dress for you. I wanted it to be a surprise so I never said anything. Of course if you don't like it then you can choose another dress but I figured why not." Gabe rambles on and it makes my heart melt with how sweet he is.

"I'm sure I'll love it. I should probably go get ready. Will you set the dress out and I'll put it on after I take a bath?" I question and Gabe smiles and nods at me.

I make my way out of the room and head to the bathroom. There I fill the tub with steaming hot water and pour in vanilla bubble bath. The bubbles look so pretty on the water and I quickly undress, and step into the bath.

I let out a sigh as the warm water envelops me. I hear the door to my room open and I can tell it is Gabe. He's probably sitting my dress out along with shoes and accessories.

The truth is, I'm so excited for Cameron's play tonight. Knowing that he will have so many supporters that will be there just for him makes me heart melt in my chest. He may not have had it easy but I'll be damn sure that he will be loved and taken care of the rest of his life.

I quickly wash my body and leave my hair alone for now. The water drips off of me as I climb out of the tub and wrap myself in a warm towel. I peek out the door to make sure no one is there, and when I see the empty room I make my way over to the bed where my dress is laying.

I pick it up and hold it in the air as my breathing slows by my heart picks up. It's absolutely gorgeous. In front of me is a ruby red dress that is easily long enough to go down to my ankles. The sleeves will go down to the middle of my arms. I quickly get the dress on, careful too not rip any of the seams.

It is only then that I notice there is a white cardigan/sweater sitting on the bed and I quickly put that on as well.

It is only then that I notice there is a white cardigan/sweater sitting on the bed and I quickly put that on as well

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