Chapter 52

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Sometimes you need to drop your guard so your heart can breathe.
Warning: there is a lot of POV switches this chapter.
Sang's POV-
Tiny kisses are laid against my back. They travel up towards my neck and then back down over and over again. I sink deeper into the body that's holding me and a chuckle resonates around the room. Hands rub up and down my side gently and it is only then that I open my eyes.

I'm met with a chest. I look up and see Raven sleeping peacefully as I'm practically sprawled out over his body, as if that were my bed. My legs are intertwined with his and he has me wrapped tight. Once I realize it wasn't Raven touching me, I turn my head and come face to face with Corey's gorgeous eyes.

My vision is still blurry from sleep so I squint my eyes and the smile on Corey's face morphs into a grin. "Good morning sweet girl." He whispers quietly and I roll slightly towards him, taking my blanket with me.

"Good morning." My voice is slightly raspy. I can feel a dull ache in the back of my head and I'm sure I look like a mess.

"I'm going to go get breakfast. Go back to sleep for a bit." Corey says while getting out of bed.

"What time is it?" I question.

"Only five. The breakfast place is half n hour away so I am going to go now. Is that okay sweetie?" Corey asks and I nod. He begins to walk out of the room but I speak at the last minute.

"Thank you for last night." My voice is soft and I only know he heard me when his body pauses and he turns around.

"Anytime Sang. Also I enjoy waking up to my girlfriend." He chuckles. The girlfriend part makes my cheeks blush red because I forgot about that. He is my boyfriend. I have fourteen.

I watch as Corey quietly leaves and once I muster up the courage, I get up. I make my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth, as well as run a brush through my hair. When I look in the mirror, I realize I look like a complete mess. My hair is frizzy and there are very prominent bags under my eyes form crying.

I quickly find my t shirt and throw it on before heading back to the bathroom. I grab a bottle of Tylenol from the cabinet and swallow down two. I have a pounding headache that I'm sure resulted from all that happened last night.

It feels like I'm hungover and I decide now, I will never get drunk. By the time I am done and decide to leave the bathroom I feel slightly more awake, but I can also feel sleep lingering behind me like an addicting drug.

As soon as I step outside the bathroom I am swept up off of the floor and thrown over a shoulder. My feet are now dangling in the air and the body holding me chuckles when I let out a surprised squeak. As I stare at the back of the person holding me I instantly know who it is. Raven. He is the only one with tattoos on his back.

"Raven what are you doing?" I ask while laying flat against him.

"Little bird, what did I tell you would happen if you got out of bed without me?" Raven asks in a hushed tone that makes it obvious he just woke up.

"Uhm you said you would give me a hug?" I put on the best innocent voice that I can but it doesn't phase Raven one bit.

I feel his hand run up and down my thighs and I instantly begin squirming. His hands hold me tighter and I register that the one holding my thighs has left one second too late. I jump when Ravens hand comes straight down on my butt. It doesn't neccesarily hurt, but I will be getting him back for that.

Raven stalks across the room and gently deposits me onto the bed. I flop on my back as Raven crawls up the bed towards me. His face hovers over mine before he drops it and lays a gentle kiss to my neck, effectively forcing me to melt into the bed and close my eyes. "Naughty little bird. That was a warning. Next time I promise to prove my point a little better and it might not involve my hand on that ass." Raven threatens but his voice is so soft that my body has different reactions.

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