Chapter 44

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Sometimes you have to make a decision that will break your heart, but will give peace to your soul.
Erica's POV:
All of us are in the kitchen and having all fourteen of the guys, Sang and the children, then us, it is a tight fit to say the least. Nonetheless, everyone looks towards Gabe and wait for him to explain. "Well we are having a dance at school and Sang originally said she didn't want to go. I thought she was just being stubborn so I decided maybe she needed some girls to go shopping and do all of that stuff with.  I thought you all would be best because you needed to meet anyways." Gabriel huffs out and I look to Sang to see her reaction and the poor girl looks so nervous. There is a flare of anger in her eyes but it is barely anything. If I were her, I'd be livid.

"I didn't want to go though Gabe." Sang whispers and the fact that Gabe went behind her back to do this makes me the mother in me want to lecture him. Apparently it does the exact same thing to Ellen because for the first time ever, I hear her raise her voice close to a yell.

"All of you boys out of this room!" Ellen comes close to yelling and the boys looks startled and so does Sang.

"Mom wha-'' Sean tries to ask but it is of no use. Ellen levels him with a glare and he backs off quickly.

"Ms.Green and Ms.Lee maybe we shoul-'' This time it is Owen trying to speak and I am the one who cuts him off.

"No I think Ellen is right. All of you out." I demand and they all begin making their way out of the room in a single file line. If they were dogs they would be tucking their tails under their legs right now.

The last people to leave are Corey and Raven. Corey walks over to Sang who is wide eyed with question. He gently takes Camerons hand and leads him away while surprisingly Raven grabs Lily from Sang. Once they leave the room and it is only us four girls I lose the 'mom look' and smile softly at Sang. Ellen does the same and lets out a small sigh as she does and Jessica giggles.

"I swear those boys just like to argue all of the time! They should know that we are in charge by now." Ellen laughs slightly and Sang smiles.

"Uhm I am really sorry your time is being wasted. I hadn't known he was going to call you or I would have stopped him, well tried of course." Sang apologizes and I instantly shake my head.

"Don't even worry about it honey. Gabe does what he wants but it is always in the best interest of the person. I know you weren't expecting to meet us today and the way we met was a little odd but it really is good to meet you." I laugh and some of the tension eases from Sang's shoulders. Good.

"I swear all of those boys act tough and like they are all manly but really they're little cub bears." Ellen sighs and this gets a real giggle out of Sang.

"I definitely see that. A lot." Sang adds and Jessica nods.

"Nathan used to mess with me all the time but there was one time I cried and he hasn't done it since!" Jessica laughs and Sang's eyebrows shoot up as her shoulders shake with laughter.

"What dance we're they talking about?" I ask after a second and Sang shakes her head.

"It was just a Christmas dance. All they guys have to go and Gabe was kind of set on me going. It just really isn't my thing." She shrugs off but there is clearly something else there. I can see it in the way her eyes flash for a split second.

"I remember the dances when I was younger. I met Sean's dad at one. He asked me to go and I was dead set on not going. His dad went and bought me a dress himself, demanded I wear it, and when I finally did he pulled me close and kissed me. We danced the whole night and I found the love of my life." Ellen sighs and Jessica snorts.

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