Chapter 35

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Some people do not deserve to touch you. Not Physically, emotionally or spiritually.
In this chapter there is a lot of Gabe and Sean content so be prepared. It will be a drawn out chatter and I am sorry if that is not what you all find interesting however it works best with the plot. There will however be several important pieces to the story in this chapter so please read carefully.
Also in the next chapter the Toma team is coming back into the story and staying permanently. I am sorry it has taken so long for me to incorporate them but a series of events had to happen before I did. Enjoy your reading!
Sang's POV:
Sean walks back into the room and his face is slightly red but when I look into his eyes the only emotion I can see is determination. Owen and Phil aren't with him so I assume they are doing something else. "I texted the boys and told them not to worry. Of course they still will but now they won't send out a search party for you Pookie!" Sean says with a hint of a grin and I roll my eyes but smile.

Gabe has moved from behind me and is now sitting in a chair but he hasn't taken his hand off of me. My back started hurting so Gabe raised my pain medicine dosage. Normally I refuse medicine but I am not stupid. I need it right now.

"Now pookie can you please explain what exactly happened? Don't leave any details out either. The tiniest things are important." Sean says and the muscles in his face tense like he is afraid of what I will say but when he notices me looking at him he forces his muscles to loosen.

"Can I just wait until I can see everybody? So I don't have to explain it twice." I ask but Sean just shakes his head and smiles at me.

"Nope. If you want one of us to explain it to the other guys then we can do that but we need to make a plan on what is going to happen and I need every little detail." He pauses and looks over my shoulder to Gabe then chuckles a bit. "Plus I think Gabe might explode if he doesn't find out."

I look over to where Gabe is sitting and sure enough he is tapping his foot and his eyes keep running over me like he is trying to guess what happened. "Well it is kind of a long story." I explain but Gabe is shaking his head.

"We have time. Trouble don't you dare leave a tiny detail out. Everything. Got me?" Gabe asks and I nod.

I let out a quick breath then begin to tell my story because the boys have already seen me. No point in trying to cover it up. "Well I had just gotten finished cleaning up a bit when I heard the door opening. I waited until my mother came in and I was expecting to smell the alcohol or a man on her but I never did. When I saw her walking perfectly normal I realized she was sober. Everything is always worse when she is sober, but my mother rarely is. Anyways I ran upstairs and put Lily in Cams bedroom then locked it. By the time I was done she was calling my name so I went downstairs. When I got down there she was so...calm. It was weird. My mother started calling me naive and said it was going to get me in trouble but she was talking normal. No yelling or slurring or anything like that. Her eyes were numb though, like she wasn't feeling anything. Then she threw an envelope at me. When I looked at it there were at least a hundred pictures. It was pictures of me and the kids. A lot of them were me with you all as well. Some were of us walking and some were while we were at school. I couldn't think but she called me naive again and pulled me into the living room. She pointed at the ceiling and then I saw it. There was a tiny black camera. I don't know how long it had been there but they were apparently all around the house. Then she started telling me about how I was using my body to make profit and how I was a bad person. Then my mother pushed me on the couch and did what she did to my back. Then I was dragged upstairs and she took me into the bathroom. That is where I got my shower punishment. I blacked out soon after she left me there and when I came back to conscious I managed to get out. I had to break the stool I was on my falling over the side of the tub. I got the kids up and Cameron got himself ready and helped Lily. I got them to the bus so they could go to school. I probably could have done things differently but all my brain could think in that moments was I needed to get the kids away. Anyways then my mother came downstairs and I got a beating and she left. Then I woke up here." I explain.

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