4|| Family Reunion

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I walked up the marbled staircase admiring the chandelier hung in the center of the staircase

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I walked up the marbled staircase admiring the chandelier hung in the center of the staircase. The staircase went sideways up a beautiful balcony that overlooked the entire downstairs area. I don't think I'll never be amazed by this house. I ran my hand against the railing feeling the smooth steel against my palm. I stared in awe at the beautiful paintings on the walls with the initials 'L.K' signed on the end.

Colors of the rainbow were swirled in a circle on the black painted and I wondered who painted it.

"I painted that" A tiny voice said and I jumped slightly looking around, looking down I saw a little creature standing near my hip. Her hair blonde and her eyes a grey. She looked up at me and my eyes widened not knowing how to respond to her.

"It's beautiful" I complimented and her smile found it's way on her lips. Her eyes lit up and she looked at her painting.

"Really?" she questioned and I nodded my head.

"Avery" I heard Uncle Ricky call out and I turned back to see all of the Black brothers and Ace staring at me and the little kid.

"That's Lilly" Ace introduced and it clicked in my head that this was the kid aunt Rose was pregnant with when Aaron died. The child that I was overly excited to meet. I mean I named the kid for fucks sake. I felt dumb that I didn't know who she was but at the same time it's been 6 years you can't expect me to know everything.

"Hi Lilly I'm-" I went to introduced my she cut me, "Avery, yeah I know aunt Mar told me about you" she nodded her head with a small smile on her face.

Maybe I don't hate all kids.

Aunt Marlene, Ace's aunt well technically she wasn't related to them just Aunt Rose's best friend but Ace considered her has an Aunt since his mom and her were like sisters. Aunt Mar used to cut us fruits and bring it out in the yard for us when we would play games together. The memories made my heart ache knowing I can't go back to those times.

"Aunt Mar is staying here?" I asked

"Of Course love I'll always be here like I promised" Aunt Mar replied and I looked over to the staircase where she walking up. My face lit up as I ran into her open arms. Everyone stared at us as I hugged her waist tightly. I pulled away sniffling and she used her thumb to wipe my fallen tears. Pulling me back into a hug I held onto her tightly not wanting to let go. We pulled apart and she planted a gentle kiss on my forehead.

"I missed you" I whispered wiping my tears on the sleeve of my shirt.

"I missed you more" she sighed and I laughed as I hugged her one last time.

Aunt Mar and Uncle Marco looked at each other and he looked almost scared of her. Dad grinned stepping back leaving his three brothers in fear. Uncle Ricky titled the sides of his lips upwards trying to smile sweetly.

"Where the fuck were you three for the past 6 years!?" Aunt Mar yelled in questioned and I stepped back walking backwards till I felt the painting on the wall nearly touch my back. Ace mirrored my actions coming closer to the wall and standing next to me.

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