31|| A Race to Remember

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"Can you hear me?" I questioned pressing the ear bud into my ear

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"Can you hear me?" I questioned pressing the ear bud into my ear.

"Yes I can hear you" Avery answered and I watched her as she got into her car.

"Listen to what I tell you okay."

"Okay" she replied and I watched as her car drove to the starting line. Dick head's car came up beside her and I rolled my eyes.

"Remember Av it's not an automatic car" I reminded her.

That last thing I wanted was for her to die out there.

I sat in my car where I had a full view of the race. Java and Matteo stood outside the car, Blondie had her arms wrapped around Matteo and I hate to admit it but they looked cute together.

"I know Ace" Avery answered.

A woman in a pair of shorts and a crop top stood between the two cars holding a red flag in her hands.

"Ready?" the woman questioned pointing her finger at Avery's car. Avery nodded her head and the woman pointed her finger at dick head's car and he nodded his head.

"Go!" the woman shouted moving the flag from the air to the ground.

Both cars sped off and Avery slowed down her car allowing dick head to pass her.

"Av?" I questioned and I heard her chuckle.

"I know what I'm doing Princess" she responded and took a deep breath.

Kina and Alya came up in front my car and Kina nodded her head at me. I watched her hand as it rubbed slow circles on Alya's back and I smirked knowing I was right about them liking each other.

They could never keep their eyes off each other.

"Bend the corner sweetheart" I nodded and she drifted her car around the corner speeding up.

She came side to side with dick head and I lost sight of her. Pulling up her car on my screen I watched the red dot move along the map.

Tracking device.

"Av take the next right" I ordered and took the turn leaving dick head on the main track.

"Princess" Avery whispered quietly and I watched the screen seeing the two cars at the exit.

"Take the left babe" I said and she took the left. I zoomed up on the car and did a scan.

Inside the car I saw Viper, and Clay along with three other men.

Fucking hell.

"Av he's here" I said and I heard her suck in a sharp breath. I kept my panic at bay not wanting to scare her.

I snapped my fingers to grab Matteo and Java's attention and they both looked back at me.

I muted the call with Avery and sighed. "He's here" I murmured and Java closed his eyes exhaling deeply.

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