38|| Five Minutes

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"Keep your voice down" Ace whispered to Java who rolled his eyes

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"Keep your voice down" Ace whispered to Java who rolled his eyes.

"That's not what you said when we were in bed together" Java responded and I choked on my own saliva.

"Shut up Java" Ace muttered.
We stood against the side of the ridiculously tall building. I believe there's at least twenty floors.

"Why don't you make me" Java responded and Uncle Marco tossed his head back against the wall.

"Can you two please just be quiet" Uncle Marco said and Java smiled at him.

"No" Java said and I closed my eyes sighing deeply. Sliding down the wall I sat on the floor right next to Ace whose attention was focused on the computer screen in front of him.

Members of the mafia were all positioned around the building and given a specific job to get done.
On the screen is footage of a Conference room and around the table were Viper, Clay another woman with dark skin and curly, shoulder length hair who looked oddly familiar.

Opposite them were a young woman with dark brown hair and green eyes that I would kill for.

My eyes are just plain light brown nothing fancy just boring.

I would assume that she is Lilith Vasiliev also known as the Desert Rose. I've heard about her on several occasions. She's Russian and also a deadly assassin. Last I heard she's wanted by every criminal in Seattle for stolen drugs and murders of their loved ones.

Sitting next to her was a tall man with tanned skin, a sharp jawline and dark hair.

Tattoos covered his showing skin and he stared at Viper with a deadly look. Rings adorned his fingers and he licked his lips his chin held high in the air.

He looked confident like he could kill in a second and I could tell by the way he carried himself that he is Silas Aslanov leader of the Russian mafia.
His father Pablo- stupid name, and my father had meetings together in the past.

Silas is maybe now around twenty-six and Lilith is twenty-one. I've never actually met her and being honest she's scares the living shit out of me.
With the scar from the tip of her right eyebrow coming down her face to the middle of her cheek made her look scary.

"One minute" Ace said and everybody held their guns firmly. Uncle Marco, Matteo and Java were all on this side with Ace and I.

"Thirty seconds" Ace said again and he shut his laptop and stood up keeping his gun to his side.

I got up off the floor and held my gun firmly scared of dropping it.

I got this.

No I don't.


"Go" Ace ordered and we walked around the side of the building to the back door.

Walking in the building it was quiet, eerie like no one was in here. If someone dropped a pin you would hear it from a mile away.

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