17|| Enemies With Benefits

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Waking up I turned to the side to see an empty bed

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Waking up I turned to the side to see an empty bed. I groaned rubbing my eyes and pulling the cover over my body.

I turned to the nightstand and saw my phone charging. I didn't remember putting it to charge so I figured Ace must have done it.

Switching it on I saw multiple missed calls from Violet. She sent a couple messages as well but most were calls.

Dialing her number she picked up on the first ring and I winced when she started yelling.

"Avery Clover Black I will murder you!" she yelled and I laughed rolling my eyes.

"I'm sorry Violet" I apologized.

"You better be" she said.

"Where are you?" she questioned.

"My room why?" I answered and I heard her mutter 'liar' under her breath.

"Because I'm in your room shit face and you're not here" she said and my eyes widened.

"I'll be there in a bit give me a couple minutes" I muttered ending the call.

Getting up off the bed, I winced at the pain between my thighs. I stretched my arms out and felt a couple of my bones cracking.

I sighed cracking my neck and went into Ace's bathroom. I looked at myself in mirror and I looked like I had been having sex for hours.

I opened one of the cabinets and saw a pack of new toothbrushes and I took one out. I quickly brushed my teeth and then rinsed my mouth.

Walking out the bathroom I stared at Ace who sat on his bed, leaning against the headboard.

"Your clothes are there" he said pointing to his closet. I opened his closet to see my clothes neatly folded on one of the shelves.

I took it and closed back his closet door. As I went to walk out the door his voice stopped me.

"Leaving already?" he asked and I turned around to face him.

"Violet is here I'm going to meet her" I explained and he shook his head motioning for me to come sit on the bed.

My feet moved on it's own and I sat on the edge of the bed.

"Come here." he demanded pointing to his lap and I placed my clothes and phone down and went over to him.

I sat on his lap either one of my legs on his side and he gripped my waist. I wrapped my hands around his neck and he stared at my neck.

"My dad is going to see it" I muttered and he smirked.

"Well that's unfortunate" he said and I slapped the back of his head.

"Shut up" I said and he smiled.

"We're still enemies right?" he questioned and I leaned down connecting our lips.

"Yes" I whispered taking his hands from my waist and moving them above his head.

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