8|| Carissa

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"What can i get you?" I asked the young woman standing in front me

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"What can i get you?" I asked the young woman standing in front me.

She didn't respond to me she just continued typing on her phone. Taking a few breaths in and out I prepared myself to ask again without pulling her hair and punching her face.

"Ma'am what can I get you?" I questioned a little louder this time. She looked up from her phone chewing on her gum loudly and gave me a disgusted look.

"The usual" she responded going back to texting on her phone.

"You never come here so you need specify" I said and she rolled her eyes looking up at me.

"A mocha frappuccino" she answered and I nodded my head turning around and making her drink. Putting the lid on her cup I heard the front door open and I mustered up a smile turning around to see a girl who looked almost identical to the bitch who had an attitude with me. 

"Carissa!" she shouted sternly and I awkwardly placed her drink on the counter. Leaning my hip against the counter I stayed silent watching both girls glare at each other. 

"What Marissa?" she answered digging into her purse pulling out twenty dollars. 

Marissa and Carissa. Nice names but not a nice attitude. They must be sisters because Marissa did a look a tad bit little older than Carissa. 

"You need to hurry the fuck up" she cursed and I just stood there not saying anyting. I didn't know what to say.

"I'm coming" Carissa muttered and then Marissa exited the cafe leaving me with the bitch who was now glaring at me. 

"Can't you mind your own business?" she asked. 

"No, now that's twenty dollars" I said and her mouth hanged slightly open. She looked offended by my words and I was wondering when the hell was she going to pay me. 

"Bitch" she whispered under her breath passing me the bill. Putting it in the cash register I watched her as she walked out. 

Violet came out from the back door holding a box of what must be donuts with a pissed expression on her face. 

"I'm going to murder that bitch" she threatened and I shook my head agreeing with her.

"Tell me about it" I murmured wiping down the surface area I had just made Carissa's drink on. 

"Violet" I said lowly while looking at the time on my watch. She looked up at me and nodded her head letting me know I can go. She went back to putting the donuts in trays and I gathered my stuff. 

Before leaving I quickly grabbed one of the sugar donuts and took a bite out of it, Violet glared at me and I pattef her shoulder exiting the cafe. Getting into my car I turned on the engine and drove out the parking lot. While driving I made my way to my favorite place in the entire planet. Therapy. 

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