25|| The Snake

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Disclaimer: I hate the pregnancy trope so no it will not be included in this book.

Tw! Infertility

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Tw! Infertility.

"I'm bored" Matteo whined like a little child, dropping his gun and sitting on the ground. He folded his arms with a pout on his face and I rolled my eyes at his child like behaviour.

"If you maybe shut up and stop complaining this would be over faster" I said and he huffed turning to Java who held his gun pointing at the entrance of the warehouse.

We've been hiding the fucking bushes for the past three hours waiting for a conformation to go inside and so far there has not been any movement whatsoever.

"Why can't we just raid the place?" Matteo questioned and I heard Java sigh.

"It could be a trap you idiot" Java answered. My phone started vibrating in my pocket and I pulled it out swiping on accept.

"Move ahead" Kina said and I pointed my finger at the warehouse signaling Java and Matteo to start moving.

Matteo picked up his gun and we all moved in swift movements. We went around back trying to keep out of sight incase there were more than one person in the warehouse.

Both Java and Matteo put their ear pieces in and I did the same and connected it to my phone.

"We have a problem" Kina said as the three of us leaned back the wall. My head rested on the hard concrete and I took deep breaths in and out calming myself down.

I don't think I was ready to face Viper. If I would ever be able to face him. Watching him would bring up traumatic memories, I don't think I would ever be prepared to relive those moments.

Twisting the string bracelet that has been on my wrist for God knows how long, my heart rate slowed down and I felt myself becoming calm.

"What's the problem?" I questioned keeping my voice down.

"Viper is in there but he's not alone" she said and closed my eyes cursing silently.

"How many?" Java asked.

"Eight including Viper" she answered.

"We can take them" Matteo said and I nodded my head. Turning off the safety on my gun we all walked towards the door.

Matteo stepped forward, pointing his gun at the lock. A shot fired and he kicked the door open.

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