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"A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other." - Kate Stewart

― MARINETTE SIGHED happily as she lay down on the bed

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― MARINETTE SIGHED happily as she lay down on the bed. She and Bruce had come to Hawaii to take a vacation from everything, including their nightly activities.

Bruce was currently taking a shower while she waited for her turn. The two of them had just arrived a few hours ago and Marinette was very tired. Before she knew it, she was already asleep dancing with Bruce in dreamland.


When Bruce unlocked the bathroom door, he was met with the sight of Marinette laying down on the bed, fully clothed, sleeping peacefully.

She must have fallen asleep while waiting for me, he thought.

He smiled fondly at his girlfriend as he lifted her up gently and put her on one side of the bed, comfortably (unlike some people *cough* his sons *cough*). Bruce brushed his lips against her forehead softly before looking for the most important package of this trip.

Marinette had been his girlfriend for almost a year now, and Bruce was ready to propose to her. Normally, he wouldn't do something like this so quickly (had it been anyone else, he would have waited for nearly 2 years) but Jason, Tim and Dick had been encouraging him to propose to her and when Damian accidentally called her Ummi when he was talking to Bruce, he knew it was time. All of his kids liked her (even Damian – that was not such a surprise, Marinette was just so likeable) and she was already practically living with them anyway.

Marinette was aware of their nightly activities – and even took part in them as Ladybird being a heroine herself when she was young. She fit in seamlessly with the family.

He smiled to himself as he dug out the ring box from his suitcase. It wasn't too flashy or showy – a simple ring but decorated enough to show his love for her.

It was an elegant rose-gold with a small diamond sitting on top. On the rose-gold bit, only if you looked closely, you could see a small B+M engraved there. Cheesy, Bruce knew, but he also knew that was exactly what Marinette liked.

You would think he would be feeling absolutely fine doing this being the great Batman but actually, it was the complete opposite. Dick had to reassure him 20 times before leaving that yes, she would definitely say yes and no, she will NOT say no because of the press and yes, everything will be absolutely perfect because you CAN do it B.

Bruce eyed his girlfriend (and hopefully soon-to-be fiancée) sleep peacefully as he climbed onto his side of the bed.

He hoped everything would go fine.


(Prompt 1)

The first thing Marinette registered when she woke up was strong arms wrapped around her and a hard chest underneath her. Bruce, she thought sleepily.

She snuggled into his body heat even more as he breathed deeply and fell back asleep.

Hours later, Marinette woke up again because of the sun's rays on her face. This time, she was completely pinned under Bruce as he laid his head on her chest and his arms and legs wrapped around her body.

He looked like a koala. Marinette had to giggle at this thought because to most, the thought of the great Bruce Wayne being compared to a koala would be crazy.

Unfortunately, that giggle woke Bruce up from his cute position and he smiled sleepily at her as she leaned her head on her palm and teased, "Rise and shine Mr Wayne!"


Bruce ran a hand through his hair nervously as he put the ring box into his pocket. It was time for their dinner he had planned for tonight and he hoped it would go well.

His breath caught in his chest when he saw what Marinette was wearing. It was a beautiful dress, designed by her of course, and it looked stunning on her.

Bruce smiled at her. "You look beautiful." He said honestly.

She giggled and raked her eyes over him. "You don't look so bad either handsome."

As always, her laugh soothed him and soon he was waiting for the right moment to propose to her.

He knew the moment had arrived when the moonlight came out just right and Marinette had turned around to light some of the candles again.

He got down onto one knee and waited her to turn around again. When she did, she froze. It was now or never.

Bruce took a deep breath. "Marinette, do you remember the first time we met?"

She nodded dazedly.

He continued, plunging in. "You were getting some coffee and accidentally spilled it on me. You insisted on making me a new shirt when you saw mine was completely destroyed." Bruce smiled at that. "Over the next few weeks, we got to know each other and that was when I fell hard for you. Then we started dating. Marinette, you make me want to be a better person than I already am. You make me feel whole, you understand me and most importantly, you love the kids like I do. So, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" yelled Marinette with tear-filled eyes. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!"

Bruce let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

As he slipped the ring on her finger, his girlfr- no, fiancée – pulled him into a kiss.

That kiss was a promise. A promise of a new bond, one meant to be. One meant forever.

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