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for the person on ao3 who requested a side-story. ( i can't believe i updated twice in a day )

— DAMIAN WAS seething.

Well actually, a better word would be that he was enraged, and on the verge of mutilating that little liar who thought she could pawn herself off as his boyfriend's girlfriend.

What a - pardon his language - harlot.

And she even had the audacity to say that Damian, himself was fighting with his beloved over a pathetic specimen like her?

So it made Damian feel particularly victorious when Adrien ignored the liar when she begged him for help.

But obviously, for a furious assassin like him, that wasn't enough.

So, obviously, Damian couldn't resist Tim's offer to be the one to inform Lila's parents of her actions.

If they were in fact, aware of Lila's actions (but they probably weren't, considering the fact that they were two well-known government figures, not foreign diplomats), Damian would have great pleasure in slaughtering them verbally if not physically.

He even flew down to Paris with Adrien (certainly not making out on the way, in celebration), with a clear, unedited video clip of Lila's exposure in front of every employee in WE, as proof of what he was going to inform them of.

Although, Alya's blog did more than enough.

Damian smirked cruelly as he watched Lila's father's face slowly turn purple with anger and her mother's hands start to shake with fury.


Her mother's voice shrieked shrilly and scarily through the house.

After a few long moments, the girl came down the stairs, eyes cast down low as a failed attempt to look innocent and demure.

"Yes, mama?" she asked, still not looking up.

"Your father and I have a visitor here, mio caro," her mother said with false sweetness. "He says his name is Damian Wayne."

Lila's head shot up, panic evident in her eyes.

If Damian put his assassin skills to use and listened hard enough, he could hear her heart beating much faster than normal.

"He showed us an...interesting video and website, shall we say," her father picked up from there. "I think it's time we had a chat."

As Damian slipped out of the room, hearing Lila's parents scream at their daughter, he didn't forget to put a little bug on their sofa.

He could come and collect it later, and keep it for personal uses, obviously.

Certainly not to spread it to everyone who was involved in the planning of Lila's exposé and have a laugh about it later.

Even the mildly disapproving Bruce couldn't help but chuckle over it.

That made Damian feel even better about himself, no matter how much Bruce tried to stop it.

Take that, Rossi. 

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