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"We are products of our past, but we do not have to be prisoners of it." - Rick Warren

— MARINETTE DRAKE sighed and stared at herself in the mirror

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— MARINETTE DRAKE sighed and stared at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black dress paired with heels of the same colour.

"I think you look amazing bean," her husband Timothy Drake-Wayne said, coming up from behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, said.

Marinette smiled. Tim could always make her smile. "Thanks Tim, but it doesn't mean I'm not nervous." She was going to be attending her collége reunion a.k.a the class (with the exception of Kim, Alix, Max, Nino, Sabrina, & Chloe) which abandoned her when the next, new shiny thing came, the class that bullied her relentlessly for one year until she transferred out. Marinette took in a shaky breath.

Tim, sensing her nervousness, soothingly ran his hand up and down her back. "It's going to be fine bean, besides, remember why we're going?" A wicked smile crossed his lips. "We're going to see how your idiotic former-friends have failed in life."

Marinette grinned at that. "You're right. Let's go." She grabbed her black clutch and together, they walked into the limousine they had borrowed from Bruce for the effect.


When they entered François College Dupont, everyone of Bustier's stopped talking to stare at them - or more specifically, the limo that had just stopped at the steps. It was far more impressive than the ones Adrien used to come into for school. This one was much larger and much more intimidating. Who they saw coming out shocked all the students of the class with the exception of Chloe, Nino, Kim, Alix, Max, and Sabrina who knew exactly who it was.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng walked out with some man holding her hand. The former class of Ms Bustier was stupefied, including said teacher. They couldn't believe the bully - in their minds, of course - of their class was filthy rich.


Alya Césaire was not happy. First, Lila Agreste (ha! Take that Maribrat!) promised to send Lois Lane a request for an internship in the Daily Planet. But after 3 weeks of hours of waiting, Lila comes back, with tears pouring down her face and says "I'm so sorry Alya! I tried asking Lois to give you one, but she was so, so rude to me and said no." Alya hugged and comforted her, because Lila didn't deserve to be treated that way. So, Alya applied for an internship in the Daily Planet so that she could 1) get a job (money was running low) and 2) become a better reporter than Lois Lane herself, to spite her, of course. But when she got her reply with her portfolio (mind you, which included her blog, the Ladyblog, which was now mostly about Lila's latest exploits), it said "You are unfit to become a reporter, let alone an investigative one." And that was only a few weeks ago. She was lucky she didn't quit her job at the (insert name of a trashy tabloid). Now, Maribrat was living in luxury?

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