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LADY NOIRE SMIRKED as she silently jumped through the window, executed a smooth flip and landed on her feet.

The museum was deathly silent, as expected because it was precisely three o'clock in the morning.

Her eyes searched around the exhibit she was in, looking for the lost miraculous.

It was, unfortunately, quite a large one, specifically, a belt. It gave the wearer the ability to, quite literally, become a fish, and Lady Noire wrinkled her nose at the thought of that.

With the help of her night vision, Lady Noire was able to locate the miraculous within seconds.

It was stored in a glass box, right in the corner of the room where no one would notice if it disappeared.

Stealthily striding towards it, Lady Noire nimbly dodged the museum's security cameras and whispered a soft, "Cataclysm."

The glass she put her hand on turned to ash immediately and with a small smirk, Lady Noire carefully held the belt.

As she turned to leave, Lady Noire froze, cat ears twitching, hearing the light sound of wind rustling.

Turning around completely, her bright green eyes narrowed as they landed on the vigilante in front of her.


The vigilante gave her what she considered to be a smirk and straightened his back from where he was leaning.


The first time Lady Noire had met him, she was frozen for a few seconds because she hadn't expected his voice to be so...attractive.

But she was used to it now.

Kind of.

There were times - like this - where she would go silent in shock. It was rather embarrassing, to be honest.

"What, cat got your tongue?" Nightwing said, and Lady Noire could practically hear how smug he was.

"Nope." Lady Noire popped the 'p' and gave him a smirk of her own. "Just planning my escape route."

Twirling her baton, Lady Noire extended it and with a short salute, she was out of the museum in seconds.

As soon as she landed on the roof, Lady Noire began to run, jumping over the gaps between the buildings.

Her cat ears twitching, she was surprised to find no noise whatsoever behind her.

Usually, Nightwing was seconds behind her, calling out flirty remarks that occasionally made her blush.

In her confusion of the lack of noise, Lady Noire didn't notice the escrima stick flying towards her.

It hit her square in the chest, and she stumbled back with the force of it.

Seconds later, Nightwing was on the roof and Lady Noire was forced to dodge his punches and kicks.

She remembered the first time he fought her, unwilling to harm a woman. Lady Noire left him with a lot of bruises that night.

Not this time, unfortunately.

Nightwing seemed determined to stop her and Lady Noire couldn't help but give an annoyed grunt because of all the times she had stolen something, he had to come on the day she was taking what was, technically, rightfully hers.

Lady Noire cursed herself as Nightwing gave her a painful kick to her ribs.

Wheezing, she asked, "What happened to being the gentleman you claimed you were?"

"I am," Nightwing said, still attacking her. "Just not for you."

"Ah," Lady Noire gave him a sultry smirk. "So you like it rough?"

Nightwing's cheeks darkened marginally and Lady Noire gave herself a congratulatory laugh.

It was abruptly cut off when Nightwing kicked her hard on the stomach.

Lady Noire fell back onto the roof with a loud bang, the breath knocked out of her.

She swore loudly, attempting to get up.

It was thwarted a few seconds later when Nightwing, straddled her, fingers gripping her arms tightly.

"The belt, Noire," he said harshly.

Ignoring the odd stinging in her heart (Nightwing was her enemy, she knew nothing about him), Lady Noire gave him a pained smirk. "Bold of you to assume I even have it on me."

Nightwing sputtered, eyes raking up and down her body.

In any other situation, Lady Noire would have been excited, but right now, she was just nervous.

The belt, in actuality, was right on her waist.

Her abilities as the Guardian allowed her to make the miraculous invisible, but only for a short amount of time.

Speaking of time, both Lady Noire and Nightwing jumped as a loud beeping filled the air around them.

"Shit." Lady Noire swore as she saw her ring.

The cataclysm.

She only had 3 minutes exactly before she detransformed in front of Nightwing.

"What the hell is that?" Nightwing stared at her ring. "Don't tell me you're going to blow this place up."

"Don't be an idiot, Nightwing," Lady Noire snapped, mind racing. How was she going to get out of this? "I'm not suicidal."

"Then what is it?"

Nightwing was glaring at her and for the first time, Lady Noire noticed the blue of his eyes.

Usually, in the darkness, she didn't notice it, but at that moment it struck her quite hard.

Maybe that was what prompted her to do what she did.

Lady Noire wrapped her arms around Nightwing's neck and pressed her lips on his.

Soft, was the first thing that came to her mind.

Nightwing's lips were unbearably soft, a pillowy kind of soft. It made kissing him all the more enjoyable.

His hair was also soft. Lady Noire tangled her hands in the dark strands and he grunted, relaxing against her.

In a few seconds, they were heatedly kissing, tongues dancing together, hands roaming around each other.

Their moment of heat was rudely interrupted with another loud beep from Lady Noire's ring.

The green light was flashing urgently now, as it disappeared from sight.

The two of them pulled apart, breathing heavily.

Lady Noire was now standing, pushed against a wall at some point. It took her a few seconds to catch her breath.

Once she did so, Nightwing still looked dazed, so she shot him an apologetic smirk. "My apologies, Nightwing. But you can consider it payback for before."

Shoving him backwards, Lady Noire kicked him on the chest and he went flying.

As she launched herself off the roof, Lady Noire said, "We should do that again sometime! It was fun."

And she disappeared into the darkness.

The only thing was...she didn't see the smug smirk on Nightwing's face as he fingered the belt wrapped around his hand.

He'd played her as much as she had played him, Lady Noire would later realize.

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