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Kid in Love by Shawn Mendes.

"True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked." - Erich Segal


— DAMIAN STUDIED the girl standing beside him - Marinette was her name - she didn't seem to recognize his name. They were at a gala in Paris and she was invited with her honorary uncle Jagged Stone.

And I know that we just met

But for some reason, he was just drawn to her. By her smile, her warmth, everything about her.

And maybe this is dumb

It wasn't a normal feeling for him though.

But it feels like there was something
From the moment that we touched

She was walking to get some drinks when she tripped and fell into his arms. Damian felt his heart stop when he stared into the bluebell eyes below him. They were so beautiful.

'Cause, it's alright, it's alright

So he did the dumbest thing ever. He asked her if she wanted to ditch the gala. She asked him if he would get into trouble for doing so, after all, he must be here for a reason right?

I wanna make you mine

As they walked through the people chatting about what-not, Damian couldn't keep his eyes off Marinette and her warmth. She was a literal ray of sunshine. And he wanted to make that sunshine his.

The way you're lightin' up the room

Of course, he noticed her when she entered, it was kind of impossible not to. He just didn't expect to talk to her.

Caught the corner of my eye

Damian saw Todd smirking at him at the corner of his eye. He hoped Todd didn't tell Father.

We can both sneak out the back door

Marinette and Damian snuck out of the back door which explicitly said 'Employees Only' and talked as they walked through the calm streets of Paris. She was surprisingly witty.

We don't have to say goodbye

After an hour had passed, he asked her didn't she need to leave? What if her uncle worried about her? She responded with a clever smile that she already messaged him and had time to show him around.

'Cause, it's alright, it's alright

They managed to walk around most of Paris in the next 2 hours. By that time, it was nearly 11pm.

To waste time tonight

Then, they were lying on the grass in one of the parks and laughing together about stupid stuff.

Maybe I'm just a kid in love

When Damian turned his head around to look at his companion, his breath caught in his chest. There were no words to describe how heavenly she looked in that moment. Beautiful, gorgeous, all these words could never define her in this moment.

Maybe I'm just a kid in love

A feeling he didn't recognize developed in his chest. It was exhilarating - almost like flying over the rooftops, like his nightly activities. This feeling was 10 times better than that, it made his heart flutter and beat faster. Perhaps he would have to ask Grayson what it was later.

Oh, baby

When Marinette bumped into the dark-haired, green-eyed boy at the gala, she was ready to get yelled at and thrown out of the gala and then blacklisted, but all he did was ask her if she was okay.

If this is what it's like falling in love

After she fell hard and fast for Adrien, Marinette promised herself to never let that happen again. She was so infatuated with him, she didn't notice his flaws (being a coward). And karma, with Lie-la, came round and gave Marinette her dues for ignoring it. She was never, ever falling for someone without actually getting to know them.

Then I don't ever wanna grow up

But this guy seemed to be different. He said his name was Damian. No last name. Maybe because he was someone famous, even if Marinette didn't recognize him, but at any rate, she wouldn't pry.

'Cause I got it all

The two of them escaped the ridiculously boring gala and she showed Damian around Paris.


She showed him the places where she went for sketching - the ones she had never shown anyone before.

And I got it all

Hours later, the two of them lay down on the grass and talked and laughed and just generally had fun with each other, something Marinette hadn't had since Lila came. Tikki tried, but she wasn't enough all the time.

But I don't ever wanna grow up

As they lounged on the grass, Marinette happened to look at Damian just as he was openly laughing. She stopped laughing abruptly because he looked so, so handsome in that moment.

Said, your place is kinda cozy

Then she shivered. She was wearing a short sleeved dress and it wasn't exactly warm in the night. Damian looked at her in concern and dropped his jacket on her shoulder. When she protested, he assured her that he would be warm. Besides, the jacket was warm and if it smelled like him, well, that was just a bonus wasn't it?

Your 'rents are out of town

Damian looked at Marinette fondly as she snuggled into his jacket. It was so big, her hands barely came out of the sleeves. In fact, it looked just right on her.

Baby, there's no pressure

That was when he felt the overwhelming need to kiss her. Damian wasn't sure what these feelings meant, but he was willing to follow them and see where they took him.

But if you're down, I'm down

Marinette looked at Damian curiously when he seemed to be having an inner war. Then, he asked her if he could kiss her.

'Cause, it's alright, it's alright

She said yes.

Just start tonight

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