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request: Hi, can you write a jasonette or a daminette fic to the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes please? Thank you! Your work is really amazing!

You know I'd fall apart without you

I don't know how you do what you do

MARINETTE WAS JASON'S light. When the world around him was dark, she was the star that would guide him through the journey most called life. Imagining his existence without her pained Jason to an extent he couldn't even start to describe.

He didn't understand how she managed to calm him down on his worst days, how she could keep him smiling even after everything. Jason's heart wasn't the cracked one it used to be; it was fixed, smooth because it was loved.

'Cause everything that don't make sense about me
Makes sense when I'm with you

Jason had always craved physical touch. He never really understood why; he just knew that he craved it.

Marinette was more than happy to give it to him. As an affectionate person, it was practically her dream to show it to someone, and Jason was delighted to be that someone.

They often spent nights curled up with each other. Marinette's head would be tucked under Jason's chin and he would rest his head on hers; a comforting weight.

Like everythin' that's green, girl, I need you
But it's more than one and one makes two

On the nights things were just too hard to handle, Marinette would drag Jason into bed and hum little french lullabies that would eventually make Jason's eyes droop and close.

There were times when he would wonder why she was still with him. Apart from his looks and his civilian name, Jason didn't really have much going for him. Marinette was too much of a genuine person to be with him for only that, so why was she still with him? Why not date someone more mentally stable, someone more useful?

Put aside the math and the logic of it

Times like that, Marinette would give him the softest of smiles and say, "You're the only one who truly understands me. I lived my entire teenage years in misery because of one girl who managed to take everything away from me with pretty little lies and golden promises. I spent years abandoned and broken and you were the one to pick me up, piece by piece, and fix me."

You gotta know you're wanted too
'Cause I wanna wrap you up

Just like Jason had insecurities, Marinette did too.

On some of the worst nights, she would feel worthless and forgotten, a small bundle under the sheets.

Sometimes Jason would find her like this after he came back from patrol.

He'd quickly change and reassure her that yes, he loved her and no, he wouldn't leave her behind.

Wanna kiss your lips
I wanna make you feel wanted

He'd reiterate every statement with a peck on her tear-stained face, wiping every salty, bitter tear until it was the bright one he knew.

On her birthday, he took her to the top of WE for a picnic. The expression on Marinette's face was one he would remember for the rest of his life.

And I wanna call you mine
Wanna hold your hand forever

The first people to try and attempt to walk back into Marinette's life were her parents; who, if Jason was correct, denied her their support when she needed it most.

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