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Genderbend Daminette!

"There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed." - Napoleon Bonaparte

— MARIN WAS running late

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— MARIN WAS running late. Again. Hawkmoth hadn't let up on the akumas and he and Tikki had crashed into bed at 7 in the morning. Thirty minutes later, his alarm was ringing and, unfortunately for Marin, he had ignored it and slept on. And woke up 10 minutes before school started.

That was how he found himself sprinting to his classroom while chugging down his coffee like it was air.

Just as the bell rang, he crashed through the classroom and right on cue he yelled out, "PRESENT!"

Mdm. Bustier smiled at his antics and said, "Please take a seat Marin and introduce yourself to the new exchange student. Her name is Dahlia Wayne. "

Marin scanned the classroom, looking for a new face. There, next to his spot. It was a girl (she was very pretty...) with dark hair and green eyes. Marin waved at her and smiled. "Hi! I'm Marin Dupain-Cheng! It's nice to meet you Dahlia!"

The girl merely nodded at him stiffly and went back to glaring at everyone. As Marin walked to his seat, he could see his classmates giving him sympathetic looks.

Class continued and as soon as the bell rang, Marin jumped up ready to leave and get something to eat. Just as he was pulling up his coffee, Lila the liar, came and knocked into him causing the cup to fall down right....onto the new exchange student.

Dahlia Wayne nearly yelped in surprise when his deskmate's (a rather handsome one...wait what?) coffee fell onto him.

The boy - Marin - looked at her in genuine horror and surprise and immediately started apologizing. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to! I'm so clumsy-"

Dahlia interrupted him before he could finish. "It is not your fault. That girl-" she pointed at the liar, "-bumped into you on purpose. Though, my shirt is ruined."

Mari- the boy - lit up and said excitedly, "You don't need to worry about that! I'm a fashion designer, I have some extra clothes that are probably in your size. Will that do?"

Dahlia thought about it for a moment. Since there was no alternative she nodded.

Marin grinned at her (why was his heart beating so fast?), grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the class, chattering at top speed. Dahlia could just barely understand what she was saying.

Suddenly, he stopped talking abruptly and that's when Dahlia realized they were still holding hands. They both blushed profusely.

Marin, looking like a tomato, mumbled out, "Follow me. My house is just across the street."

Once they had found an appropriate shirt for Dahlia (his clothes were of an extremely high quality...) Marin asked him brightly - all awkwardness from before gone - and all sunshiney, "Do you want to hang out after school?"

Dahlia, without even realizing it, nodded.

"Great! I'm sure you'll enjoy living in Paris." said Marin. Suddenly, they both realized they were about to get late for the next lesson and took off for the school.

Little did they realize they had held hands again while running. And how perfectly they fit.

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