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This is short and adorable.

"If cats could talk, they wouldn't." - Nan Porter

— DAMIAN WAS pissed off

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— DAMIAN WAS pissed off. He and Marinette had accidentally drank the polyjuice potion Rossi had somehow tricked them into drinking, and now they were stuck being cats.

According to the liar herself, "Oh, I'm so sorry Marinette, I guess I forgot to tell you there was polyjuice potion in your bottle. Alya gave me permission to use it. Damian would you like to come with me to Madame Pomfrey to ask for a cure?" she asked oh-so-sweetly, but when she turned around, instead of seeing Marinette only as a cat, she saw both Marinette and Damian as cats.

Clearly this was one of her hairbrained plots to try and 'woo' him, even if he was dating Marinette. Only this time it backfired on her because both he and Marinette had drank from the bottle.

Thankfully, Todd and Drake had been around to see them turn and carried the two of them away as Todd called out to Lila, "Sorry Lie-la, demon-spawn won't be 'helping' you find Madame Pomfrey 'cause we're going ourselves."

When they reached the hospital wing, Drake explained to Madame Pomfrey, "There was a polyjuice potion inside the bottle Marinette and Damian drank from, and they weren't aware of it. It must have had the hair of a cat in it, because both of them turned into cats. Can you change them back?"

Madame Pomfrey took a look at the two of them - Marinette instantly snuggled into Damian - and replied, "Yes, but it will take the rest of the day. You can go and inform the rest of the Professors that they won't be coming."

With that, she ushered the two of them out.

By the end of the day, Madame Pomfrey had Damian and Marinette back to normal.

Unfortunately, turning into cats had it's own side effects. Things like licking each other's noses, rubbing their heads together and hooking their tails together when they were cats suddenly bled into their normal shows of affection. Like kissing each other's noses, rubbing their hands together and kissing each other out of nowhere.

Damian and Marinette learnt this the hard way.

At breakfast in the Great Hall, Damian greeted Marinette with a hard kiss and a rub on the nose. The only people who seemed to notice this were Agreste and Rossi.

Agreste seemed to have a problem with their relationship (likely because he was in love with Marinette but was too much of an idiot and coward to ask her out before Damian. Seriously, how did he even get into Gryffindor?) and when he saw them do that, he immediately sneered at Damian and said "What are you doing Wayne? Why are you rubbing noses with Mari? And you realized we're in a public place right? Have a little public decency."

Damian and Marinette immediately blushed when they realized what was happening. Drake, who was walking with Brown to the Ravenclaw table popped in and asked incredulously, "Damian was rubbing noses with Marinette? And he actually kissed her in front of everyone?"

Agreste sniffed and replied, "Yes. It's hardly gentlemanly. He doesn't deserve Marinette."

As soon as he said 'yes' Drake turned to the two of them and cackled at their red faces. "Oh my Merlin, you guys totally were. Clearly the potion had some side effects."

"Side effects? What side effects?" Came Rossi's annoyingly nasal voice.

Drake glared at her and faced his back to her as he talked to Damian and Marinette. "Side effects like being extra affectionate with each other."

Marinette hid her flaming face in Damian's robes. Damian ignored his suspiciously warm cheeks in favor of asking Drake, "How long will it take for these 'side effects' to wear off?"

Todd inserted himself in the conversation and answered, "About two days, Demon-spawn. Enjoy it while you can."

"Enjoy what while you can, Jason?" came the voice of Damian's final brother.

Cesaire snickered at Marinette's face and said "The side effects of turning into a cat."

Grayson turned to Damian, a teasing light shining in his eyes. "Oh I think they're going to enjoy it all right."


Damian was sure in the next two days he had never been more embarrassed in his entire life.

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