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request: Hi, I love your stories and all of your one-shots. They are all so well-done, especially your salt-fics. If I can make a request, I have a salt-fic in mind that I think you will like. This is another sibling Maribat fic, but with a twist. This one has Adrien paired with Damian romantically. He could have met Damian when Marinette brought her friends to Gotham once when she was visiting her family. Marinette is living in Paris because she wanted a life away from the fame of being a Wayne. Her friends would be Adrien, Kim, Alix, Chloe, Juleka, and Nathaniel. Their group could be told they would not be going on the end of year trip for their "bullying of Lila" so Marinette takes them all to Gotham instead, not knowing that is where the trip was going to be. So, during a part of the trip that goes to Wayne Tech, the two groups meet and Lila is exposed over both lies about Damian trying to date her as well as lies about already dating Adrien. She also could have told lies about the other Wayne boys as well. Like Dick being a drug addict, Jason being in jail, and Tim being an abusive boss.

― "MARINETTE, I EXPECT you to apologise, right now!"

Said girl rolled her eyes, while examining her nails. "I didn't do anything wrong."

Madame Bustier surveyed Marinette with her hands on her hips. "Don't add lying to the mix!"

Behind her, Lila was 'sobbing' into Rose's shoulder while Alya glared daggers at Marinette. "Marinette!" she yelled loudly. "How far will you go? You pushed Lila in the path of an oncoming car!"

Juleka coughed to hide her laugh. "Pay up. I told you."

Adrien and Chloe grumbled good-naturedly as they both gave Juleka 50 euros each. "How did you know?" Chloe asked.

Smirking slightly, Juleka pocketed the money saying, "A magician never reveals her secrets."

Alix leaned forward. "She overheard Lila crying to Alya at the end of lunch." she whispered not-so-softly.

Juleka glared at her as Adrien and Chloe demanded her to hand their money back.

Marinette sighed at the immaturity of her friends. Honestly, sometimes she wondered why she was even friends with them.

But looking at Alya, Rose and the others, Marinette was thankful her friends weren't as gullible and ignorant as them.

"Marinette," Madame Bustier was tapping her foot now. "I insist you apologise to Lila, this very minute. Or you will not be allowed to go on the class trip!"

Lila smiled triumphantly from her place in Alya's arms. The gears in Marinette's head started turning and with a sudden realisation, she understood that Lila wanted her out of the class trip so that she could 'brainwash' the others.

Nevertheless, Marinette didn't back down and instead, she channelled her inner Wayne.

"With all due respect to Lila, Madame Bustier," The entire class was silent now, one half waiting for the apology, the other waiting for the insult Lila was begging for. "Which is none by the way," There it was. "I will not be apologising to Lila because I have done nothing to warrant it."

It took a few minutes for the sharing-one-brain cell part of the class to understand what she said.

"That's it." Madame Bustier said furiously. "Marinette Dupain-Cheng, you will not be going on the trip!"

She turned her back to Marinette - who, just for the record, couldn't care less about it - Madame Bustier strode up to the blackboard and handed out the forms to sign up.

"Lila," she said sweetly. "Would you mind handing this out?"

The liar smiled even more sweetly - and Marinette felt like puking - and said, "Of course, Madame Bustier."

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