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Sibling daminette and a hint of timinette!

"Family makes a house, a home." - Jennifer Hodson


— MARINETTE RESISTED the urge to scream at the high heavens.


Oh, it's simple.

Because her class left her behind.

As their end-of-school-year trip, the teacher was required to organize a trip for the entire class. Only, Marinette was made to organize it because Mdm. Bustier couldn't do her job properly.

Honestly, Gotham was Marinette's last choice for one reason. It was the world's most crime-ridden city. But, noooo, Lie-la had to go to Gotham to see her precious 'Dami-boo'.

Marinette suggested going to New York, but almost immediately after she said that, Lila dissolved into fake tears. "Marinette! I can't believe you won't let us go to Gotham just because you don't like me!"

Eyebrows raised, Marinette asked, dryly, "And why would you even want to go to Gotham?"

Alya – her ex-best-friend – glared at her. "Because she wants to see her Dami-boo. Obviously."

"Dami-boo?" Marinette pitied the person who was the subject of Lila's lies.

Rose, rubbing Lila's back, said, "Damian Wayne."

She looked back at Juleka as if she expected her to just come back and sit by her side.

Marinette rolled her eyes and was about to respond, when Adrien – the oh-so-appreciated peacemaker of the class – looked at her pleadingly. "Marinette, I'm sure we can go to Gotham? It wouldn't hurt would it?"

She snorted. Her frankly unhealthy crush on the boy had shriveled up long since. "No, Adrien," she mocked. "We can't because Gotham is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the world."

Mdm. Bustier, always wanting to please Lie-la, said, "Well, then, let's take a vote. Everyone who wants to go to Gotham, please raise your hands."

Marinette looked at her, flabbergasted. What the hell was wrong with the lady? That didn't even make sense.

Nevertheless, all of Lila's supporters raised their hands – a clear majority of the class.

Mdm. Bustier clapped happily. "Then it's settled. We're going to Gotham."

Anyway, she was currently in Gotham, standing outside her hotel, coming just in time to see her bus leave without her.

Really, did she piss off some god or something?

Marinette pulled out her phone and glared at it when she realized Lila had somehow gotten Mdm. Bustier to change the time of their arrival to WE.

All of her friends – basically the people who didn't believe Lie-la (Alix, Kim, Juleka and Nino) – had messaged her to come down but Marinette missed those messages.

Obviously, Mdm. Bustier had forgotten about her or Lila got the trip going – leaving Marinette behind.

"What do I do?" she moaned to Tikki.

Tikki blinked at her from her purse. "Maybe you could ask someone for directions?"

Marinette brightened up instantly. "Excuse me?" she asked a passerby.

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