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I hate Lie-la Rossi.

"It is in your arms I feel the safest. I built my home in your heart, the roots of my soul wrapped around your lungs. It is with you I know where I belong." - B.B.

— MARINETTE DUPAIN-CHENG stared at her soulmate tattoo

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— MARINETTE DUPAIN-CHENG stared at her soulmate tattoo. It was a drawing of a katana with a drawing of a robin.

Tradition says that your soulmate will have another tattoo, something that relates to you. When they meet you, it is said that the tattoos start glowing a bright gold. Though, it's also tradition to have only one drawing. Marinette wasn't sure what to think of that. Something like 'Of course her soulmate bond would be different. Why was she even surprised?' or what?

She sighed as she listened to Lila spew out her crap to her 'oh-so-sweet friends' quoting Lila of course. Marinette snorted when she heard Lila's newest lie. "Oh you know Damian Wayne is my soulmate? My drawing is of a dollar sign. He even sent me a letter telling me how much he loved me but I don't know where it's gone. I left it over there-" she blabbered, pointing at Marinette's desk. "-I don't know where it's gone."

Marinette could see she was not-so-subtly pinning the blame on her but there was nothing she could do about it. Her gullible followers, Alya, Rose and Mylene glared at her for 'stealing' Lila's absolutely real letter from a celebrity who probably doesn't even know her name.

Really the only people who didn't believe Lila were Nino, Kim, Max, Alix and Chloe. Nino found out when he tried to find proof for his ex-girlfriend's blog as people were saying Lie-la was lying. Kim and Alix found out when she claimed to know some celebrity who died 5 years ago. Chloe already knew, she just didn't give a damn about the class. Though she did apologize to Marinette for her behavior.

She, Alix and Marinette were quickly becoming best friends. They told each other literally everything. Issues, jokes, crushes everything. Speaking of crushes, Marinette's unhealthy crush on Adrien died out quickly when she learned what a coward he was. Really. He was willing to let her take the blame to 'keep the class happy' because they were totally going to be happy when they realized Lie-la had been, indeed, lying.

At any rate, Lila's latest lie was probably because of their class trip to Gotham. Marinette was the one who signed up and won the trip but Lila (of course, when hasn't she ruined something?) took the credit for it saying "Oh you know, I asked Bruce to tour us around because we're such close friends..." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Marinette jumped when Kim suddenly said "Yo Mari! 10 euros Lie-la's lying about one of the Waynes."

Marinette grinned at him and retorted "I'm not taking such a stupid bet Kim. You and I both know she definitely is."

Chloe gave a haughty sniff as they left the school and said "Of course she is. I cannot believe the sheep believe that...actually scratch that. I can. But I can't believe Sabrina would believe something like that. She knows Damian Wayne is cold." It was no secret Chloe was hurt by Sabrina's abandonment of her.

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