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the fact that i wrote this for one line at the end—

— JASON LIKED TO THINK of himself as a mentally stable, dependable person.

Sure, he had died a few months ago, and sure, he was probably going to go insane from the Lazarus Pits, but, Jason was absolutely certain that he was still all of the things stated above.

Oh, and one more thing to add — he also liked to be positive and optimistic.

Quite like Dick actually.

He absolutely had that quality now — not like dying made him a tad bit negative, or, you know, jaded.

Yep, those were the qualities that defined Jason Todd.

Marinette looked at Jason with more than a little bit of worry and horror.

Kwami, what had this man been through?

Honestly, if he was a nutcase and Marinette had wasted her time by picking him up from the side of the road, she was going to throw a temper tantrum.

In her opinion, it was completely justified too.

She had had a terrible day, with Audrey yelling at her as soon as she walked into the office and with Hawkmoth deciding to akumatize her, with Marinette as her subject of anger.

It had been quite a feat if Marinette could say so herself, that she managed to escape from the akumatized version of Audrey.

Not without a few broken ribs, but you had to make a few sacrifices for the 'greater good' right?

At least, that's what Fu told her, each and every time she went to see him for advice.

It was beginning to get a bit annoying, especially when Marinette was nearing a time when she would probably have to move out of Paris if she was going to live the rest of her life.

Hawkmoth needed to be done with before that, otherwise, Marinette would be stuck in Paris, fighting a stupid villain who couldn't get over his stupid obsession.

Marinette had promised herself to smack the man around as much as she could if she found out who he was.

Scratch that.

Making it when.

That's right, in case you didn't know, being positive was most definitely Marinette's best skill in life.

Or call it false hope.

Whatever worked.

But, back to the point, if the man Marinette had spontaneously decided — certainly not with a lot of cajoling and maybe a little guilt-tripping from Tikki — to pick up from the side of the road, turned out to be someone who needed to be checked into an insane asylum, that was it.

Marinette was going to quit her job, quit her superhero duties and turn into a reclusive hermit.

Synonyms, she knows, but it just made her all the more dramatic, which was what she was going for right now.

"You need help."

Marinette gave the man sitting before her — Jason Todd, he said his name was, and then looked at her as if she was supposed to know who he was — an unimpressed look as she sipped on her sixth coffee of the day.

She was probably going to regret it, especially this late in the night, but she couldn't particularly bring herself to care.

Jason laughed — it sounded slightly hysterical — and leaned forward. "Oh, absolutely. I don't deny that. But, you asked me who I was, and I explained."

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