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So, I'm writing a part two right now...it should be out soon.

"You never lose by loving. You always lose by loving back." - Barbara De Angelis


3 years ago...

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is unaware of her surroundings as she sketches into her book.

Unfortunately, this is what causes her to trip over a stray root in the ground.

Preparing herself for the hard ground, Marinette is surprised when she feels a pair of arms wrapping around her. "I've got you!" A bright voice says.

Looking up, Marinette's cheeks pink in embarrassment. "Thank you! And sorry for falling into you,"

A dark-haired boy next to the one who caught her snorts.. "You didn't. He just had to catch you."

Frowning, Marinette stares at him. Rude.

The blonde-haired boy who caught her, notices her look and laughs. "Don't worry about him. Damian's always grumpy." He smiles at her and holds out his hand. "I'm Jonathan Kent - call me Jon - and this one here," he gestures to Damian. "Is Damian Wayne."

Damian looks at her as if he's expecting a reaction from her but Marinette just shakes Jon's hand and says, "I'm Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Nice to meet you."

Jon looks surprised too, as if he was expecting something from her. Weird. But Damian's name does seem familiar...

Shrugging it off, Marinette asks them, "Do you both live in Gotham?"

Shaking his head, Jon says, "I don't but Damian does."

Again, Damian looks like he's expecting a reaction.

"What about you?" Jon asks. "I haven't seen you around before."

"Oh, I'm on vacation."

"Here?" Damian asks her skeptically. "Most people go to New York."

"We were going to go to New York," Marinette says, remembering all the plans she and her family had made, "But then, when we were boarding, the attendant said my ticket said I was supposed to go to Gotham. So my parents booked a hotel room for me and took off for New York while I came to Gotham."

Even Jon looks surprised now. "Your parents just left you?" he asks, as if he can't fathom the idea.

"Yes?" Marinette says, even though it sounds more like a question than a statement. "They trust me too because it's been like this for most of my life, anyway. It's not new."

Both the boys stare at her like she's insane.

"But that's not how it's supposed to-" Jon is cut off when Damian elbows him in the side.

"You can join us for the rest of your trip, if you want," he offers.

Marinette eyes him suspiciously. On one hand, this trip would be more fun with some friends (she didn't really interact with hers ever since Lie-la appeared) but this was Gotham. She did her research on the plane and it was the most crime-ridden city in the world.

Hesitating, Marinette nods her head. "Okay."


"You say her parents took off to New York and let her come to Gotham on her own ?"

Bruce and Clark are both looking at Jon and Damian with shock.

Nodding firmly, Damian answers, "Yes. Apparently, there was some mix-up in the tickets."

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