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Me: This shouldn't be more than 1k.

After some time...

Me: [sees it reaches 1.5k] Oh well. A few more words wouldn't hurt.

Also me: [Sees it at 3.5k] DONE!

"My soul just wants to be close to yours." - Unknown


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Said girl stirred a little, mumbling, "5 more minutes, maman."


Yet she did not respond, rolling over to cover her ears with the pillow next to her.

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng, if you do not wake up right now you are going to miss your flight to New York!"

Sabine Cheng stifled a laugh at her daughter's high-pitched shriek.


Marinette grumbled as she picked herself up from the ground.

Amazing start to the day, rolling off your bed and falling down.

"Cheer up, Marinette!" Tikki said, unfailingly happy in the morning (as always). "You're going to go on your America tour today!"

Her chosen brushed her teeth faster, while simultaneously trying to make sure she had everything ready. "Tikki, am I missing anything?" she asked frantically.

While looking at the list Marinette made, Tikki smiled fondly at her chosen, hoping that the Rossi girl and Marinette's ex-friends didn't ruin the trip Marinette had worked so hard to organize.

Since Bustier couldn't be bothered to, it fell onto Marinette to plan the senior trip. It was supposed to be educational and fun, in a way, since they would be required to write an essay about their trip. It counted for more than 50% of their grade.

With help from her friends (Alix, Kim, Max and Chloe), in no time, Marinette had developed an outline of what places they could visit.

The original plan (before it was presented to the class) was to go to New York, Metropolis, LA and then finally California.

But nooo, Lila Rossi just had to see her so-called soulmate, Damian Wayne ("Marinette, how could you?" "How could I what?" "How could you just exclude Gotham because I want to see my soulmate?"), billionaire Bruce Wayne's son.

Despite Marinette's warnings, Mdm. Bustier forced her to change the itenary so that Lila could see her 'soulmate' ("Marinette, please change the locations." "But Mdm. Bustier, Gotham is one of the most crime-ridden-" "I will not stand for your petty grievances, Marinette. Change it at once.") and so the list had become:

California, New York, Metropolis and then Gotham.

Nevertheless, Marinette beamed as she waved to her parents, feeling excited.

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