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Part 2 of An...Interesting  Reunion.

"The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited or erased; it can only be accepted." - Unknown

— CHLOE, NINO, Alix and Kim could not stop laughing on the way to Tim and Marinette's house

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— CHLOE, NINO, Alix and Kim could not stop laughing on the way to Tim and Marinette's house. The reactions of the class after Lila's pathetic lies had been revealed were hilarious. Once they reached their street, Tim greeted them with a "Did you get a recording?"

They nodded enthusiastically. Chloe cackled evilly and said "The sheep were ready to burn her on the stake!"

Tim grinned at them and gestured inside. "Come on, send it to me and we'll put it on the TV,"

After calling Marinette, the 6 of them (Max and Sabrina had to leave), watched the video.


[Right after Marinette has dragged Tim home]

Alya: What. The. Hell? Maribrat married Timothy Drake-Wayne?

Lila *theatrically whispers* : Oh my gosh guys! What if she's blackmailing him? He could get hurt!

Rose is so confused right now. Didn't Lila say she was almost besties with Timothy Drake's wife?

Rose: Lila, didn't you say you were friends with his wife?

Juleka: Yeah Lila, didn't you say she was so sweet?

Adrien: Now guys, I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding-

Ivan: How could you be friends with your bully?

Mylene: Were you lying to us?

Chloe *cackles*: The sheep are finally using their brains.

Max: There is a 99.9% that the class will realize Lie-la has been lying to them in the next 10 minutes.

Lila *crying fake tears*: No! How could you possibly think that?

Mylene: But you said you were best friends with her. And today you called Marinette a bully. This doesn't make sense.

Alya: Lila wouldn't lie to us, right Lila?

Lila *nods*: Of course not! You guys are my friends!

Alix: Then how do you idiots explain the fact that Mari is Tim's wife and Lila is her best friend?

[Cue class slowly coming to the realization that Lila was lying]

Kim *doubles over laughing*: Oh. My. God. Your expressions...

Lila looks like a deer caught in headlights. This was not supposed to happen! Maribrat was supposed to be miserable! She was NOT supposed to marry a Wayne!

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