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your requests for part 2 have been fulfilled [and so quickly too, i'm so proud of myself] hope you enjoy!

DICK LIKE TO think of himself as someone who could be as happy as possible after the death of quite possibly — not to be biased — his favourite brother.

That was biased, wasn't it?

But at any rate, Dick had tried to recover to the best of his ability, while, simultaneously hoping Bruce didn't kill every poor, morally grey (as Jason would say) individual he came across in the depths of the night.

Quite a lot to hope for, but Dick was nothing if not optimistic and — in Jason's words — 'overly' enthusiastic.

Though, he was still working on the last one; it had become a bit harder to be his 'usual' self after Jason's death.

In fact, when his dead brother's carbon copy showed up with an admittedly pretty woman, Dick was in the painful, long process of moving on.

It's also probably the reason why he launched himself off the couch and tackled the carbon copy swearing up a storm at him. It was about time Damian learnt the language of the adults, even though Dick was sure he had quite a substantial knowledge of it already based on all the 'shits' and 'dumbasses' he had heard over the years.

"Who," Dick spat, his vision tinted slightly red "Do you think you are?"

The blue eyes — this guy had gone a lot of effort to look like his brother, Dick would admit — of the carbon copy stared at him with a light that was achingly familiar, one he had seen in Jason's eyes billions of times.

That, of course, only served to make him angrier, and Dick clutched onto the intruder's neck even harder.

"Answer me," he hissed, anger darkening his eyes until they were a stormy greyish-blue.

The carbon copy was starting to look more than a little panicked now, scrabbling his hands in the air helplessly, choking on his words.

It was too bad there wasn't anyone else in the room stopping Dick from killing the deceiving waste of space before him.

Or so he thought.

The woman who had been standing beside the door before, the one who had accompanied the carbon copy, moved to the rolling pair with astonishing speed, and a few seconds later, Dick felt small but strong hands pulling him away from his target.

Anger rising to new heights, he tried to attack the woman too, but her height proved to be an advantage here, ducking his punches and using her immense strength — where did she even get that from? It felt like tiny little hands were pushing him up in the air — to throw him on the couch, leaving him with no real injuries.

Helping the disgrace to humanity stand up, the woman turned to Dick with an attractive smirk pasted on her face. "Whatever possessed you to do that should possess you more often."

Pointing at her imposter companion, she continued, "This guy seriously pisses me off sometimes, especially with his inability to keep his hands to himself."

Dear God, he did not need to know that.

Sitting up with a slightly pained groan, Dick muttered, "Too much information — I don't even know who you are."

He had come to the divine realisation that if he was going to get rid of the copy — permanently — he needed to keep his cool and use his wits to achieve his goals.

Tim's lessons on networking and manipulating people into doing what you want would have been very useful right about now, but at that moment, Dick was seriously regretting his decision to not pay attention.

"Like I said before," Jason's copy said, "I am Jason Todd, your brother extraordinaire."

Feeling that burning anger itching to get out now, Dick forced himself to scoff uncaringly. "As if. My brother is dead."

"Although," Dick said, appraising the copy. "I do appreciate the effort you went to look like my brother. I'm sure he would be flattered."

The last sentence was a bitter reminder that this person — no matter how much he resembled Jason — was not his brother.

But that niggling little thing in the back of his mind wouldn't let him believe that completely.

This person's mannerisms were way too similar to Jason's for it to be the product of dedicated practice.

"You know," the woman said, speaking to Jason-not-Jason. "If you want him to believe you, you're going to have to prove it, right?"

"By the way," she said, turning to Dick. "I'm Marinette. You're brother's...partner, for lack of a better word."

Dick made a face at the implication of the word 'partner' which resulted in the woman rolling her eyes.

"Not in that way, idiot," she said, "Jason said your family can help me with my situation back home. I have no romantic feelings for him whatsoever."

It was pretty clear she was lying to herself and everyone else, but Dick didn't want to pop her bubble because he knew all too well how it felt.

"Whatever you say," Dick said, looking at her curiously.

Smile stretching painfully across his face, Dick said, "You claim to be my brother. I think, as your 'partner' said, you should prove to me that you're Jason."

"Otherwise," Dick added sharply. "If you are Jason, you'll know how painful it is to get shot in the stomach."

He gave a sour smirk at the end of his sentence.

Dick was nearly convinced by the realistic look of panic on Jason 2.0's face, but he tried to hide his emotions as best as he could.

"Fine," Jason 2.0 said, looking at Dick reflectively. "Remember that time when we thought it would be a good idea to skateboard down the staircases?"

Dick felt like someone was choking him because there was no way this was happening.

How was it even possible?

"And we decided to race down?" Jason continued, eyes slightly glassy now. "Tim and Demon-Spawn were recording us to see who would win."

Jason let out a watery laugh. "We ended up having two broken fingers and twisted ankles. We couldn't go on patrol for weeks."

Dick stared at Jason. "How— how are you even alive?"

"It's a long story," Jason said with a familiar smirk. "But first—"

"But first," Marinette — that was her name right? — said,  eyes blazing. "I think you told me you were going to help me."

"So," she continued, facing the two of them now. "Let me reintroduce myself."

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