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i keep on forgetting to upload my stuff from ao3 and tumblr T_T. anyway, arranged marriage au, i may or may not decide to continue it. if you have any ideas for a continuation, feel free to tell me on my profile, in the comments or dm me.

Talia's eyes gleamed wickedly in the dark as she spied on the Guardians that had walked into the room. One of them muttered something in Mandarin to their leader.

"杨驰,我们在这里做什么? (Yang Chi, what are we doing here?)" he muttered to the man in the middle.

The gears in her mind worked as she figured out that the current leader of the Guardians had in fact, not informed them of their deal.

The leader sighed despondently and replied,"我被迫会见了他们的领导人。否则,联盟威胁要彻底消灭我们的人口. (I have been forced to meet with their leader. Otherwise, the League threatened to completely annihilate our population.)" His companions looked like they were ready to argue with him, but that was when Talia decided to make her presence known.

She jumped down from above, taking care to land correctly and smiled cruelly at the Guardians. "Guardians," she crooned. "Welcome to the League of the Assassins." She turned around as she took them to the meeting room. "Come." She said. "Let us discuss our business somewhere...private."


Once everyone was seated, she started. "Now, the League has decided that your Great Guardian shall be betrothed to the heir of the League – my son."

The three Guardians, as expected, exploded in outrage. "No, we shall not! The girl doesn't even know about the League. To pull her into such an unexpected and dangerous situation would be cruel." Said one of the Guardians hotly.

Talia smirked at him. "It's not like you have a choice really. It's either this, or complete annihilation of your population." The consequences of that when unspoken. There was a reason the League and the Order were enemies. The League wanted to use the miraculous for assassinations. This, of course, went against the rules of the Order.

As both groups suffered at the hands of destruction at the same time, there was no 'taking advantage' of it. However, the League, being more superior (in Talia's opinion, of course) regrouped first and gained the upper hand. The three Guardians knew this. It was either the betrothal or death and misuse of the miraculous.

The leader sighed unhappily after conferring with his companions. "We agree to the terms of your deal. How do we make it final?"

Talia allowed herself a satisfactory smile.


Damian sat in his room trying to process what he had heard. He was going to get betrothed to the Great Guardian. The leader of his life-long enemies.

He could understand why Mother would do this, though. It was actually pretty obvious. She wanted to use the miraculous in his betrothed's possession. With him being married to her, it gave Mother unlimited access to the miraculous to use for the benefit of the League.

That didn't mean Damian had to be happy about it. As he passed the age of 10, Damian started to feel a longing to see his father. Mother felt it was unnecessary, but that didn't stop him. He did some research in secret and figured out that his father was Bruce Wayne. Around that time as well, he started feeling uncomfortable killing people for the League for whatever reason. At first, he thought he was sick but some tests made it clear he wasn't. Therefore, he had to assume that it was because the League wasn't the thing for him anymore like he though before.

Perhaps he could escape with his betrothed. He should start making plans.


Marinette smiled her customer-service smile as 3 more people entered the bakery. Maman and Papa were inside baking for a big order while she manned the counter. This had been happening more and more often since Lie-la turned most of her friends against her while Adrien went on with his 'high road' rubbish.

Something struck her odd about these people though.

The trio included two men and a woman, all dressed in black. Nevertheless, she beamed at them and said, "Welcome to Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie, how can I help you today?"

A quick tug of her jacket had her looking down at Tikki, only to see her shaking her head vigorously. Before Marinette could excuse herself, one of the men kicked her temple hard and everything went black.


When she woke up, the first thing Marinette registered were the voices murmuring around her. She stiffened and then relaxed almost immediately hoping that the people around her didn't notice she had woken up.

Unfortunately, the lack of voices made it clear they had noticed. Making a big show of getting up, Marinette slowly blinked her eyes and flexed her fingers, only to find her hands and legs completely tied up.


This was not going to be easy. Looking around, she saw four people in the room. The same woman part of the group that kidnapped her and...three Guardians of the order?

What the actual hell was going on?

The woman smiled at her and it did not make her feel better – not that it looked comforting in the least. It looked predatory. "Ah," she said. "Our...guest is awake." She paused unpleasantly at guest.

Marinette opened her mouth. "What am I doing here?" she croaked, directing her question to the Guardians in the room. Right now, they were her only source of comfort since she had realized Tikki was missing from her.

The eldest – and leader, it seemed – sighed. "Great Guardian, this is Talia Al Ghul of the League of the Assassins. You would not have heard of them before because they are just like the Order – quiet and secretive – but our worst enemies. You are hear because the fall of this League and the Order occurred at the same time but the League regrouped first. The leader – the Al Ghul – has forced us to betroth you to her son – the heir."

Marinette blinked, disorientated. That...was a lot of information to process. Giving no notice to her, the lady – Talia – spoke again. "I'm sure you noticed your...kwami has disappeared. Well, she is being used as leverage against you to make sure you do not escape. Leave and we will use our own magic to harm her. Are we clear?"

Marinette nodded her head hurriedly. She couldn't be sure whether Talia was bluffing or not but it was best not to take a chance.

"Good," said Talia smoothly. "Now, I am going to free you and you will meet my son and have two hours to get to know each other before the marriage."

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