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So there's no actual romance here...but I have a few ideas. Idk really. 

"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies." - Unknown


— DAMIAN AL-GHUL eyes the assassin in front of him. "Are you sure?" he asks with no semblance of emotion.

The assassin bows his head. "Yes. The Great Guardian of the Miraculous is currently in New York City."

"And what does the Guardian do?"

"The Guardian has a business she owns – designing for various...celebrities," The assassin displays disgust at the word, but Damian ignores it.

"And her name?" he asks.

"Marinette Dupain-Cheng."

Pursing his lips, Damian motions for him to leave. "Leave. And permit no one to enter."

Bowing once again, the assassin leaves the room and shuts it behind him.

Damian rubs his temple, wondering just how he could kidnap the Great Guardian of the Miraculous. She had the most powerful miraculous in her hands, and if he was not stealthy enough, the Guardian would detect him.

Yes, him.

Damian was going to go and kidnap her for the miraculous. But the plan would have to be flawless and well executed.

So far, no one knew of his idea and Damian planned to keep it that way.

Now, back to the plan...

A few weeks later...

Marinette smiles brightly (and fakely) feeling her cheeks hurt with how hard she was smiling.

Once she walked into her office, she slams the door shut and slides against it.

Her shaking shoulders and telltale sting in her eyes tell her that she's about to start crying again.

"Why?" Marinette whispers to the room. "Why did he have to do it now?"

'He' was Adrien Agreste, her ex-fiancé.

The previous night, he had broken off their engagement for reasons Marinette couldn't fathom to understand.


Smiling stiffly, Marinette smiles for the cameras outside the restaurant.

"That's right," Adrien whispers into her ears, also waving for the paparazzi. "You're doing great!"

Marinette says nothing, somewhat annoyed at him for ruining what was supposed to be a private dinner.

After 10 minutes of constant smiling, she finally relaxes into the limo. "Done," she groans.

Adrien looks at her with an odd look in his eye. Then, Marinette didn't realize what it meant.

As the car glides to her apartment, Marinette discusses her latest designs for her business. "-And if I finish it, it would be a huge boost!" she finishes excitedly.

"A boost you wouldn't need if you joined Gabriel." Adrien points out – for the millionth time – and Marinette sighs.

"Adrien," she says, "We've discussed this. I am not going to be joining Gabriel as one of the designers. I have my own dreams to fulfill."

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