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sorry this is so late @prasiniparmeswaran, hope you like it!!

Clark smiled down at the baby girl in his arms.

Her wide bluebell eyes gazed up at him, matching the blue blanket she was wrapped up in and the dark blue tuft of hair growing.

"Hello, Marinette," he whispered gently.

She giggled, eyes sparkling with laughter.

Turning her head to Sabine, Marinette made grabby hands at her.

Clark grinned and passed the newborn baby to Sabine and resisted the urge to coo at her.

He didn't know he would be forced to let her go because of his enemies.


Sabine stifled her sigh as it began to rain.

"Typical Gotham," she muttered, shifting Marinette's 5-year-old sleeping body so that it was more comfortable to walk.

A limousine pulled up to the curb that she was standing on.

The windows rolled down and Bruce Wayne's kind face peered at her. "You didn't get wet, did you?"

Sabine forced a tired chuckle and shook her head. "Nope. May I come in?"

As an answer, the doors to the limousine opened smoothly.

Trying to avoid getting her or Marinette wet, Sabine slipped into the backseat, greeting Alfred politely.

As she manoeuvred Marinette into a more comfortable sleeping position, Bruce asked, "Did anyone follow you on the way?"

Sabine only answered when Marinette's head was on her lap. "I don't think so, but I can't be sure."

They fell silent again.

A few minutes later, Sabine was the one to break the silence. "Thank you, by the way. You don't have to do this."

Bruce gave her a small smile. "It's my pleasure. I'm sure Dick, Jason and Tim will love Marinette."

And they did.


10-year-old Marinette stifled her giggle as Jason wandered around, looking for her and Tim.

This was the fourth time she and Maman had been staying at the Waynes' mansion in the last past five years.

Each time they moved to a new place in or near Gotham, one of her biological father's enemies found them.

The last time that happened, the two of them only just escaped.

Marinette, perceptive for a 10-year-old, had a sinking feeling that they weren't going to be living anywhere near Gotham when they left again.

It was why she was pushing herself to spend as much time as possible with her 'brother' Jason and her best friend Tim.

Jason, although, not her real brother, was like one in every sense of the word. He played with her, entertained her and teased her.

Marinette couldn't have been more thankful to have him because she knew whenever she needed help Jason was the one to come to.

Tim was her best friend. Being an insomniac just like her, the two of them would spend nights arguing about the latest coffee flavours while sipping their respective flavour.

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