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for the first time in forever, i didn't use pinterest. also, coffee or tea?

— MARINETTE SERIOUSLY REGRETTED her decision to let Chloe drag her to this party.

Sure, maybe Marinette had been working herself too hard, but that didn't mean had to bring her to this stupid party. The music was shitty on a whole new level, dancing with the crowd meant allowing herself to get groped by drunk guys and finally, rich kids seemed to like cheap, disgusting alcohol.

Lovely night, wasn't it?

Marinette spotted Chloe chatting with some uppity-but-handsome guys. Resolving to end her 'fun' night here, Marinette advanced to her best friend, pasting a polite smile for appearances as she did so.

"Hey Chlo!" she said in her typical bubbly manner. "I just wanted to say—"

Chloe interrupted Marinette as if she knew what Marinette was going to say. To be honest, she probably did.

"Mari!" Chloe said, equally brightly. Honestly, that should have been the first thing that tipped Marinette off that something was up. "I want you to meet some people!"

Marinette felt the smile on her face become fixed, wanting to leave but not wanting to seem rude. "Oh, alright—"

The blond man, the seemingly happier one out of the two, gave her a bright smile. "Hi, Marinette! Chloe's told us so much about you! I'm Jon!"

Resisting the urge to side-eye Chloe, Marinette gave the man in front of her a genuine smile. "Jon, as in Jonathan Kent?"

Inwardly, Marinette smirked because goddamn, Chloe had just made a huge mistake by introducing her best friend to her crush. Chloe seemed to realise it as well, suddenly recalling the countless she had spent ranting to Marinette about that cute guy in her class who she was sure would get along with Marinette.

The second guy holding out his hand was what snapped Marinette out of her dangerous matchmaking thoughts. Suddenly realising he was talking to her, Marinette said, "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"

"My name," he said stiffly, "Is Damian."

Marinette shook his hand, introducing herself with a smile on her face.

When she looked up at him, though, she suddenly felt her breath catch in her throat and her eyes widen subtly.

Holy shit, this guy was hot.

Marinette felt her heart begin to gallop in her chest — quite like it did when she was fourteen and 'in love' with Adrien. Reminding herself that she was an adult now, not a lovesick stalker, Marinette let go of Damian's hand, which she had been shaking for just a little too long.

"Anyway," Chloe interrupted the two of them with an excited clap of her hands. "Let's go to the other room!"

Leaving no room for argument, she grabbed Jon's hand and pulled him towards the exit.

Marinette gave a faux sigh at her excitement, her decision to leave already waning away. "Dear God, she's so in love."

"Well," said a deep voice, "At least it's returned."

Whirling around, Marinette told her heart to calm the hell down as she answered Damian. "Lovely. Now all they need to do is date."

Damian gave her a heart-stopping smirk as they followed the direction Chloe and Jon had disappeared in. "I don't know — knowing the two of them, perhaps that will also require our assistance."

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