Confessions of a Time-Traveller

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"I thought I knew where love was, I thought I left it in the past

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"I thought I knew where love was, I thought I left it in the past.
Maybe that was meant to be, cause you – you were worth the wait."


Night had yet to fall and the Hargreeves family were still none the wiser as to what was going on.

Nothing new there, then.

It was a recurring theme in their lives that they were always the last to know anything even remotely related to themselves. Go figure. Fate was a nasty bitch and Thea was sure they'd pissed her off in an alternate life.

That was how she'd gotten to this point. Laying back on the unused pool table, head hanging off the side and watching the world from upside down. At least this way the world has a reason for being so distorted. The blood rapidly rushing to her head took the edge off the imminent mental breakdown of facing yet another world-ending disaster.

Thea could not be sure if the thing bubbling up from her throat would be mad laughter or distraught tears, and had taken to keeping her lips closed so as not to find out.

Either was possible in this scenario.

I've been in a lot of situations to warrant this feeling recently, haven't I? I'm not made to last this sort of emotional whiplash. My head just might explode.

The rushing blood was loud enough that it muffled out her family's voices, and the blonde tried only to focus on watching Stanley perform karate moves, having a blast despite it all. She wished she could be that young again, completely oblivious to the world and its harsh realities.

Somewhere out of her line of vision was Five pacing a hole in the carpet, bombarded with questions on all sides. Klaus was spread-eagle on the floor in a manner similar to hers, while the others hovered around Five, urgent for answers he could not provide.

Thea was only roused out of her blood-rushed daze by Allison's frustrated voice.

"-you have an itch only an apocalypse can scratch. You're not the boss of us, Five!" she snapped.

"Woah, Ally, wait," she said, rolling onto her stomach and blinking back the black dots swarming her vision. "Don't say that. You know Five doesn't want these things to happen."

"What else am I supposed to think?" Allison demanded. "Every time we follow his advice, shit like this always ends up happening! Again and again and again."

Her breathing was coming out in fast, heavy pants and her expression was mutinous. Rushing over on wobbly feet, Thea tried ignoring the blood rushing back down from her head to focus on her sister.

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