*ï½¥ power struggle ï½¥*

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"You're always thinking of everybody else

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"You're always thinking of everybody else. That's what I love about you."

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Thea had never regretted sharing a room with her twin quite as much as when she awoke, for the third time that week, to his incessant ramblings in a dream.

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried singing in her head to cut out his obnoxious thoughts that were practically being screamed within his mind. His dream was being broadcasted loud and clear for Thea to hear and because she wasn't actually in the dream with Klaus, it was simply annoying.

This wasn't the first time she'd developed a headache over this problem, and Thea was slowly losing her mind over her inability to disconnect from those around her.

Hargreeves had already eagerly begun her training in controlling people – a part of her ability she hadn't thought possible until a few years ago when she'd wanted nothing more than to skip training and during a tantrum, had unknowingly controlled their Father into letting them off.

Hargreeves hadn't been too pleased with her actions, but his eagerness over developing her powers seemed to soothe some of the upset of being mind controlled by a ten-year-old child.

Giving up on getting any more sleep, Thea huffed and threw the cover off her body, slipping her feet into a pair of bunny slippers and tiptoeing out of the room, though not before shooting her sleeping brother a glare.

It's not like it was Klaus' fault he dreamt so loudly, but Thea wasn't in a forgiving mood and was fed up of the constant headaches and her siblings avoiding her in case she went rifling through their heads.

As if I want to know their stupid secrets, anyway.

That, of course, was a total lie. Thea wouldn't admit it aloud, but she'd taken great pleasure in her ability throughout the years and had amassed a plentiful amount of blackmail material on all her brothers and sisters.

She had some on their father too, but sometimes she'd come across blank spaces in her memory that confused her greatly. She often wondered if there was something she was supposed to remember but had forgotten...but soon pushed it away.

The only person capable of erasing their memories was Allison, and Thea trusted her sister would never intentionally do such a thing.

It had always been thought that telepathy was Thea's only ability, and she'd been limited to using it only when concentrating on someone specifically.

However, after her rather impressive display of mind control, Hargreeves had experimented with her limits and the expansion of her abilities seemed to have opened up a hailstorm of painful consequences he wasn't able to remedy.

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