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"Words have meaning and names have power

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"Words have meaning and names have power."

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It was a calm day at the Umbrella Academy. The children had finished their training for the day and were now allowed to spend their free time however they wished.

Zero was sat in the Academy's back garden underneath the Orchard tree. Zero had pushed their Father into allowing her to keep the small garden. He had wanted to cover it all in cement to make more room for training purposes, but Zero had managed to persuade him into choosing a different area.

Zero loved their small garden. The Academy was such an imposing structure of dark brickwork and harsh corners that she loved to sit outside in the garden when it all got too much.

The Orchard tree was her favourite part, in the autumn the tree was painted in beautiful warm tones and in winter the snow covered the branches like fairy dust. In the warmer seasons, the tree was a great place to sit under for shade.

She'd asked Grace to help her plant more flowers around the garden and now Zero sat surrounded by full blooms of pastel colours.

Today was a hot day and so Zero had brought her book outside with her as she lay against the base of the tree. Four was laid across her lap and his eyes were shut but Zero knew he wasn't sleeping. It was too humid to sleep in the day, but she was glad her brother was getting some rest.

Zero had asked Six if he wanted to come outside with them, but he'd claimed it was too hot and that he wanted to stay inside to read in the cool library.

Zero had put her hand to his forehead to make sure he wasn't running a fever. She'd seen his cheeks flush and had assumed it was from the humidity and told him she'd see him later.

Five was sat across from her and Zero wondered how he could stand to be wearing his uniform shirt, shorts and knee-high socks. Zero and Four had changed into lighter clothing. Zero had chosen a thin polo shirt and shorts for Four and a light floral blue dress for herself.

Her and Five were deep into a conversation regarding his powers, Zero's book lay forgotten on the grass.

"But what about taking other people with you?" Zero wondered.

"What do you mean?" Five asked.

"Like, you've gotten pretty well with your spatial jumping, but that's on your own. What about taking someone with you?"

Five had a thoughtful expression at her question. They'd been wondering how Five could improve his power without trying time travelling yet. He'd almost perfected his spatial jumps and made them as accurate as possible with quicker reaction times, but Five wanted more.

"Would they be able to travel with me?" Five spoke his thoughts aloud, "Or would I disappear, and they'd stay where they were?"

Zero understood his train of thought, "I wonder if your power would, like, cloak the person you're touching? Or if maybe you have to think about who and what you want to travel with?"

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