two can keep a secret

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"Who in the world am I?Ah! That's the great puzzle

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"Who in the world am I?
Ah! That's the great puzzle..."

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Thea wasn't quite sure of the events following the previous night. The memories were scrambled within her head, a cacophony of shock, adrenaline and the dregs of leftover fear. The mixture wasn't good for her mental health and so Thea was quite sure she'd passed out before somehow being brought back to Elliott's home.

She'd woken up to the sound of somebody hissing and groaning in pain and for a brief moment, she lay there, bleary-eyed and looking up at the ceiling in a daze. That was, of course, until the sounds properly registered within her mind and Thea shot up, so fast that she tumbled off of the sofa she'd been laid on.

"Fuck," she hissed.

"Thea?" a male voice called out and she slowly looked up from her position on the floor and into warm, brown eyes.

"Diego?" she whispered before recognition settled in. "Diego!"

She scrambled towards her brother, Diego meeting her halfway and their hands met in the middle, squeezing in relief at seeing each other again after the worry and fear of the previous night.

"I was so scared, I thought I'd lost you," Thea said, letting the air in her chest release in one big whoosh. The relief was like a weight lifted from her chest, making the air around her easier to breathe.

"Heh, it'll take more than this for me to kick the bucket, sis." Diego's voice was a little strained but he smiled at her like everything was alright and to Thea, that was enough.

At the sound of hissing, Thea turned wide eyes toward the wound on her brother's exposed stomach and then trailed upwards to the woman who was perched above him, metal pincers in her hands. She was slowly dabbing a piece of cotton onto the sore wound, her eyes glancing briefly towards them both before she focused again on her task.

Thea struggled to remember the previous night but the one thing that did stand out was that, somehow, Lila had known where they were. She'd been there, right at the perfect moment to rescue Diego and carry him off to safety.

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