the bank robbery

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"Individually we are one drop

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"Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean."

17 years ago

A streak of blonde could barely be seen darting through the empty hallway, the soft footfalls audible in the surrounding silence. The girl – for it was obvious she was a girl, twin pigtails and bunny clip belying her youth – managed to keep her movements quiet despite her speed.

This mission was important, a bank robbery that had gotten out of hand. Their father wanted them to apprehend the criminals with as little casualties as possible, both victims and assailants. It was a thankless task that none of them were particularly enthusiastic about, unless you counted Luther and Diego's shared misguided hero complex.

It was her job to scout out behind the scenes and ensure nothing escaped their notice or would compromise the mission. She was often on reconnaissance, as her ability to read minds meant she was perfect for scouting out places or interrogating problem individuals.

Despite their overall coherency as a team, the Umbrella Academy had unofficial sub-teams relegated to them by Reginald. Based mostly on the efficiency of their powers in a combat situation, he had divided them into two. Luther, Diego and Ben were dubbed 'team combat' whilst Allison, Thea and Klaus were 'team intel'. Five was the wild card thrown in wherever the situation demanded him.

Upon opening another door, she wasn't surprised to find it empty. All of them had been empty so far. It looked like her scouting was unnecessary after all. She shrugged, nonplussed. It meant less work for her, and she could move on to join the others in the bank's atrium.

Never one for enjoying the necessary separation between herself and Klaus for bigger missions like this, Thea was in a hurry to ensure he was okay. The last person she trusted with his safety was Reginald bloody Hargreeves. Or the rest of her siblings, for that matter. It wasn't that they didn't care, only they were naïve to the level of responsibility. None of them had the lifetime of experience looking after Klaus; none understood the amount of effort it took to keep him in line, to stop him from getting into trouble. He attracted it so easily, too. It was a fulltime job.

By the time she appeared in the midst of action – momentarily watching as Luther tossed a grown man out of the highest window of the building as though he were nothing more than a piece of trash – Diego followed up with his usual attempt at a snarky quip.

"Guns are for sissies. Real men throw knives!"

While the jeer was lame as hell, his skill with weaponry was certainly no joke. When he threw the daggers towards the retreating criminal, their trajectory was manipulated at the last minute to send them straight into the man's chest. It was a perfect strike performed with deadly accuracy.

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