The Great Ones

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"She generally gave herself very good advice,(though she very seldom followed it)

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"She generally gave herself very good advice,
(though she very seldom followed it)."

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After such an eventful afternoon spent drinking with her siblings and sinking herself into lulling oblivion, the four of them had eventually split up, going their own ways.

Klaus had sighed, forlorn and Thea had stroked his hair, asking what was wrong.

"I guess I'll have to face my cult," he'd muttered, sounding like he'd rather do anything but.

"I can come with you," she'd offered. It was more like she didn't want to leave their side for even a second but she wanted to be supportive, too.

"Yeah...that would be great," Klaus sighed, his body relaxing.

She'd patted his arm, "Come on then, let's go back. I'm sure you can somehow sneak inside without making too much of a fuss, right? Leave the explaining until tomorrow."

And so the two of them had left, Thea following behind her brother as he led them to a white building that looked closer to a villa than home. He had caused a bit of a stir when returning but after quick pleasantries and dragging Thea by the hand up the stairs, they had both retired to his bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, dead to the world.

Now, in the present time, Thea blinked back sleep from her eyes as she slowly woke up. She could hear her name being called softly.

"Thea, love. Wake up."

She hummed at the soothing sound of Ben's voice, wishing she could feel his hands brushing through her hair. That would be the perfect morning wake-up call.

Realising that she could hear Ben and knowing that must mean Klaus was awake and nearby, she sat up with a groan, rubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands and muffling a yawn.

Looking at the soft comforter she was laying on, she saw that it wasn't a bed at all, but a chaise lounge, plumped up with pillows and blankets to make it more comfortable.

Hearing a groan, her eyes located Klaus and she blinked at the position he was in - bent over in a downward dog. She shook her head at his behaviour, unfortunately all-too used to it.

"Good morning," she mumbled.

Klaus groaned again, lowering himself towards the floor slowly and stretching out his muscles.

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