confide in me

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"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with

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"What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with."

Wednesday, 8:15 am

The Hargreeves siblings sans Five and Vanya were sitting in the living room, and Thea was splayed out on the sofa, rubbing circles on her stomach to alleviate the pain. Her stomach was healing nicely since yesterday's excursion and she could now move around mostly without feeling much pain, but she'd pushed herself this morning by deciding quite spontaneously to clean her room. Suffice to say, Pogo had not been pleased when he'd found her on the ground and had needed a couple fresh stitches.

And so now, here she was, lounging on the sofa with her head on Allison's lap, content as deft fingers untangled some of her curls.

When her sister had heard of the news, she'd been rightly furious. Not at Thea, of course, but at Luther and Diego, neither of whom had bothered to inform her of their sister's near-demise. Thea had played witness to one of her infamous rants and then victim to a crushing hug.

A sigh from the side of the room caused her to glance at the loveseat, where Klaus sat with a dazed expression. Thea bit her lip and averted her gaze. She'd tried speaking to her brother after his behaviour the previous day, but Klaus was adamant on avoiding confrontation. Thea wasn't completely sure what was wrong. Sure, she understood it likely stemmed from his stint through time, but why he couldn't speak to her about it, she didn't understand.

She gave him space. No matter how much it hurt her to be separated like this. For her, their near-deaths had happened only a day ago, but for him, she knew it had been over a year. She couldn't take it personally that he seemed to have forgotten most of their kidnapping... It had been so long for him, he'd very likely believed that he wouldn't have returned. She couldn't fault him if he didn't seem as shaken as her... I need to give him the space he needs. No matter how much it hurts.

Only for a brief moment had she considered looking into his mind. But she'd soon dismissed the idea. It wasn't right, rather she needed to be understanding and wait until he came to her. I can only pray that it's soon, she sighed. 

Not only did she miss her brother, but closing herself off like this meant that she also lost her connection to Ben.

Now, they were mostly all gathered because Luther had called another family meeting. Vanya was nowhere to be seen, and after Thea's questions it seems nobody quite knew where she was, only assuring her that Vanya was busy. Only Allison had muttered something more specific, something about a guy and then left it at that. 

Even Five was gone, though, this time he had taken Thea aside to confide in her that he was enacting a plan and would hopefully be back soon. This had also included the rest of their siblings, minus her, as it seemed they'd all decided to gang up on her and agree that she was too fragile to partake in the hare-brained scheme.

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