Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Bump and Grind

This is life

"Btch, puntahan ko na yung target ko ha? Wish me luck." Then off i go. I didn't bother wait for her answer coz' hello? Mapapansin pa ba niyang wala ako eh busy siya sa *ehem* pakikipag "kiss all you want" well, according to her term, dun na new found boy toy niya.

"Long island tea for a hot DJ." Then i  flash my oh-so-famous smile. My god! Isang malaking temptation sa mga babaeng katulad ko ang mga Half Filipino, half British na lalaki.


"What? Why are you staring at me like that? Is there something wrong with giving you a drink, darling?" I do call people names.Darling for hot guys. Btch for my girl friends. And shithead for my fans. Oh well, i can't help it if i'm this famous.

"You've been hitting on me since-- i don't know, maybe last, last week?" The British accent. I never knew that accent can be very dangerous. Seducing. Haha

"I'm not hitting on you." Then i went closer and i stare at his blue eyes. "Do you wear contacts?" Then i traced his jawline, his eyes, his nose.

"Are you seducing me?" Closer and closer and closer.

"No, i'm not. I'm just being friendly." Then i bit my lips. "On the second thought, yes, i'm seducing you." Then i went for the kill and kissed him straight on the lips.

Passionate kiss is for boring couples so i French kissed him instead. Well, if there's such thing as British kiss, i'd gladly do it with him.

"You, Whore!"

"Ouch! My head!" Pakiramdam ko natanggal ang one fourth sa buhok ko. Ano bang problema ng babaeng 'to?!

I won't go down without a fight so i returned the favor. I pulled her hair and then slapped her. Hard. I need to put some sense in her small brain.

"What. Is. Your. Problem?!" I calmly said. Ayokong gumawa ng eksena dito but too late, everybody's watching us in our "live show."

"Slut! How dare you kiss MY fiancé?" Ooh. Kaya naman pala hindi ako pinapansin eh, may fiancé na pala. But because i hate happy couples, i said something.

"What? Fiance? How could you be his fiancé when in fact, he asked me to be his girl awhile ago?" A little lie won't hurt, right? Kung mahal niya talaga yung lalaki, hindi siya maniniwala sa mga sasabihin ko. Relationship needs trust in order to survive.

"You're lying! You whore, slut, btch, relationship wrecker! Hindi ka ba masaya sa buhay mo kaya wala kang magawa kundi manira ng buhay ng may buhay? Ano? Iniwan ka ba ng boyfriend mo kaya gusto mong gumanti sa iba?"

That's it. She went too far. I slapped her so hard that my hand marked red on her skin. Serves her right. I'm not fond of cat fights but this girl really needs to learn her lesson.

I pulled her hair too hard that all she could do is shout.

"You, as hole! Stop hitting my hair!"

We stumbled on the floor while killing each other. Gahd, no wonder i'll have bruises after this nonsense fight.

"Dana, my God!" Sara appeared out of nowhere. Sinundan niya ba ako? How thoughtful of my bestfriend. Kahit na hindi na kami ganung ka-close, i still consider her as my ultimate bestfriend. No one could ever take her place in my life.

"Ikaw, babae ka, ano bang problema mo?" Uh-uh. Here comes Sara the nagger. I pity this woman. Haha.

"You're seriously asking what my problem is?" Then she laughed. Is she mental?

"Wag mo kong English-in ha! Baka gusto mong kasuhan kita ng assault that lead to grave physicalinjury?" Kailan pa siya naging concern about laws? And may ganun bang law?

"I'll let this one pass, but i'm telling you, layuan mo ang fiance ko kung ayaw mong balikan kita!" 

Then i smirked, "Ooh, i'm scared! Hahaha."

"Fck you!"

"You have hots for me? Sorry but i don't do girls." Then she dragged her "fiance." Poor her, ni hindi man lang siya pinagtanggol ng fiance niya. If I were her, i'll think twice before marrying him.

"Tara na. Hahatid ka na namin ni Dave sa pad mo." Then she dragged me. Why are peoplenowadays so fond of dragging people? 

"Seriously, kaya kong maglakad, Sara. So get your hands off of me." Then she removed her hands. Aah, i can already feel the bruises. I need to buy long-sleeved outfits.

"Right. Ano ba ang pumasok sa isip mo at nakipag away ka? Do you really need to stoop this low to the point na mang-aagaw ka ng fiance ng may fiance?"

"Alam mo, i was about to say thanks for saving me." Then i laughed. "But i won't bother anymore. Ni hindi mo man lang ako tinanong kung ano yung nangyari. You don't even trust me. Am i not that trustworthy?"

A tear fell from my eye. I start reminiscing the scenario that happened a year ago. No one bother hear my explanation, no one cares about my side. It felt like no one is trusting me. It made me feel worthless.

"I'm sorry. Nag aalala lang naman kasi ako sa'yo. Hindi na kita kilala. Hindi na ikaw yung Dana na bestfriend ko.."

"Right. Kung hindi mo na ako kilala, why bother help me? Let's just put it this way, kalimutan mo na lang na magkakilala tayo. Wala namang nangyayari eh, lagi lang tayong nag aaway. I think we're better-off as stranger to one another."

"'Yan ba ang gusto mo?" I nodded. "Well then, thanks for being my friend. It's fun while it lasted." Then she hugged me. "Good bye, Dana."

I don't know but the moment she left, i started crying..

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