Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

"I shouldn't have done that!"

Here I am, alone. Again. I'm used to being alone since the day he left me. True enough, lagi akong binibisita ni Sara dati to check if i'm still breathing or not pero now, i feel forsaken. Masakit mawalan ng lalaki, pero mas masakit mawalan ng kaibigan..

You'll never know the importance of someone not until you know how it feels like not having him at all in your life. Too cliche but fckn' true. Ngayon lang nagsi sink in sa'kin yung ginawa ko kagabi. Too late para sabihin kong, "joke lang, wag mong seryosohin." I'm not Dana, well, i used to be her. Carefree and innocent. I'm now DK and i can't afford to take back everything i said and say sorry. Pride na lang ang natitira sa'kin. They already stole my dignity and virginity, i can't afford to lose my pride. Not now.

Nof Btch calling..

"Hey. Where are you?"

"I'll ditch. Not feeling well." My eyes are puffy and my voice is hoarse, now tell me, should i go to school and let people see me like this?

"But i'm afarid that you can't. The class cards will be distributed later and you should go here  check it out." Fudge. How could I forget about that?

"Can't you just like get it for me? I'm not really feeling well today, btch."

"It's mandatory that the owner should be the one to get the card, remember?" Stupid rules. Now i have to go to that school. Life sucks.

"Fine. I'll be there. Wait for me, aright?" Then I threw my clothes on. Since then, i've been wearing my birthday suite when i'm sleeping. So, nobody should ever see me while i'm asleep. Well, if you know what I mean. Haha

After 30 mins., i finally arrive. As i get out of my car, as usual, students are staring at me. Don't they know that staring is rude? Well, staring at me won't make them pretty. At all. 

"At long last, the queen btch is here." Sarcastic, huh?

"Don't act as if i made you wait for  thousands of years, btch."

"Well, whatever to both of you. We better doze off, y'know?"

After that, we went and get our class cards. And lucky me, i got an average of 1.75. Not bad, huh?

"What's your grade, Kim Miranda?" I'm pretty sure she failed this semester. Again. Haha. She's always flunking her class. No wonder she'll fail.

"Fine. Go and brag about your grades, Ms. Dean's Lister." Bitter? Haha. "Before i forgot, what's with your puffy eyes and hoarse voice? Don't tell me something happened last night?" Uh-oh. Do i really need to answer that question? Of course. I won't give them the chance to conclude that i cried the whole night.

"I was up all night and i was talking to--" To whom? Think. Think.

"To?" I was about to answer but Jamie appeared.

"Look who's here. Jamie Henares, my little girl."

"What do you want from me, DK?!" If you're asking who she is, well, she's one of my favorite girls.

"I don't want anything from you, sweetheart. I just want to say i'll miss you. Summer vacation is finally on. If you miss me or anything, i'm just a text away, aright?"

"I won't miss you. Ever." Pretty much like her sister, huh?

"Aah, my little Jamie's being a rebel."

"Seriously, why do you hate me this much? I've done nothing to you!" You've done nothing but you're sister ruined my life!

"Wanna know why?" I went closer to her and grab her face

"Ouch! Let go of my face, you skunk!" I laughed. They're really siblings, they like to call me names.

"I hate you because you are her sister. Simple as that." I hate her. I hate her guts. I hate her family. I hate everything about her!

"But i'm not her! She'd done nothing with you! And you already ruined my life! Rick broke up with me. You ruined my image. Nobody dares talk to me. And my parents hate me. All because of you! Now, aren't you contented?" I never thought she memorize all of the things i've done to her. Smart kid.

"Well, i'm contented. For now. See you next sem, little Jamie. Ate DK will miss you. Take care, aright?" Then i kissed her forehead and let her go.

"When will you ever get tired of harrassing her?" Nof is kind-hearted. And i'm stone-hearted. Well, whatever.

"Don't ever get tired, btch! Making fun of her and humiliating her is pure fun! Her reaction is priceless!" Yeah, right. Her teary-eyed face everytime we play pranks on her is really priceless. Haha.

"Aren't you concerned about her? She might get psychological trauma because of us.." 

"Well, as far as i'm concerned, she's still alive and kicking. Nothing's wrong with her so let's drop this topic and i think i should go."

"Yeah. Bye. See you around." Then i went to my mother. She told me that she's going to discuss something with me. Wonder what's that all about?

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