Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Today is Thursday. My most awaited day of the week, or should i say dreaded?

I quote, "See you on Thursday, babe. Tss." Shoot. Josh is the primary reason why I hate this day. Ugh!

I got up and stare at the mirror, "I'm pretty, sexy and hot. But why is that i'm not good enough for him?" Again, i cried. I breakdown everytime i remember the night Andy took my virginity. 

I once read in a book that if your boyfriend loves you, virginity should never be an issue. But with what i've been through? I must say that virginity is indeed a big issue. 

Life is not a fairytale, it's a reality. The veracity of life that there are people who will love you and there are those who will hate you. It's up to you if you'll let them meddle with your affairs.

I took a bath and dressed up. Margo informed me that there will be a victory party later at Area06, Dave's Club. If i saw Sara there, what would i do? Sheez. Should I say, "Saraaa! Kyaaa~ I missed you!" How i wish i could say that..

Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Area06

On word to describe the party: WILD

People dancing, getting wasted, making out. A typical scene in a club.

"Hey. babe." He kissed me. Smack though. "I've been waiting for you. What took you so long?"

I pushed him, "Back off. You're already drunk. I won't talk to you until you're sober." I walked past him but he pulled me. "No, i'm not. Come, drink with me, babe." He dragged me. Again.

"Two Hard. One for me, and one for this hot lady." Then he winked. Ugh. Is he leading me on? Well, obviously, it's a yes!"Cheers! For the successful release of the magazine!"

He finished his glass but mine is still full. "Having a change of heart? Not a party girl anymore? Come on, don't be a kill joy."

"If i finish this glass, would you stop talking, kissing, harrassing and bullying me? In short, would you leave me alone?!" He giggled. "Yes, my babe. But in one condition." I waited for his response. I was thinking of a kiss or anything similar to that. He's a perv afterall.

"Mix this with your drink." He showed me a tablet. "Are you doing drugs?" I asked him. "Of course not. It's not a drug, it's herbal." To shut him up, i did what he asked me to do. 

"That's my girl. Stay there, i'll be back after a while." He left. 

Minutes passed, my vision became blurry, the world started swirling, i felt hot. I removed my cardigan. I went down and dance with some unknown guys. I let them touch me. I don't really care.

"Dana." Someone called me. 

"Dana, si Dave 'to."

"Oh, Dave! What a small world, isn't it?"

"Dude, kunin ko na. Kaibigan ko 'to. Lasing eh." Then he dragged me. "What's with dragging me? I can walk." Then i started walking. Kailan pa naging zigzag ang daan? I asked myself.

"Come on, let me help you. Lasing ka na. Tss. Bakit ba kasi umalis si Cyriel eh, tignan mo nangyari sa'yo. Ang bitter mo kasi.."

I pushed him.

"I'm not bitter, in fact, i'm better. Don't dare mention his name. I don't like hearing loser's name."

"In denial. Dito ka lang ha? Tatawagin ko lang si Sara.." He's about to go but i pulled his shirt. "Don't leave me.." I went near him and caressed his face. "You know what? Between the three of you, you're the only one i didn't get the chance to kiss. Kung wala si Sara, ano kaya ang nangyari?" He avoided my gaze and removed my hands. "Dana, lasing ka na eh.."

"No, i'm not." I placed his arms in my waist. "How about you, hindi mo ba naiisip kung paano ako humalik?" I traced his jawline. Now i know why Sara is in-love with this guy.

"No need to answer, i'll show you how." Then i kissed him. I kissed him passionately but he's not responding so i stopped. I'm about to speak when i heard someone say..

"Oh my God!"

I saw someone, particularly a girl, crying. I can't see her face clearly, so i can't recognize her.

"Sara! It's not what it looked like!" 

Sa-sara? Sht.

Slap. She slapped Dave. Great. Just great. Another relationship ruined by none other than DK Ferrer.

"I thought you were through playing with your games. Hindi pa pala.." 

"You were wrong, i didn't---"

"Sara!" I muttered. She faced me. She's angry. I can feel it. "It's not what you think it is.."

"Yeah? Why should i believe in you? Do i even know you?" Shoot. That hurts. "Are we close? As far as i'm concerned, we don't know each other. So don't talk as if you know me, relationship-wrecker!" Okay. That's it. She hit a nerve.

"You know what? Don't talk to me as if you know me. You have no fcking idea what the sht i've been through." I took a step forward. I'm crying. Fck this. "Relationship-wrecker? Oh my God. Should i thank you for giving me a title? That's so nice of you. Clap-clap." I wiped my tears. I took another step and leaned forward and whispered in her ears, "Pasalamat ka naging kaibigan mo ko, nakakilala ka ng mayamang boyfriend. Kung hindi, malamang kasama ka pa din ng ex mo sa kangkungan. Mga pulubi." Serves her right. She crossed the line.

I went out and lit a cigarrete. I only smoke at times like this. 

"Mind if i join you?" Josh sat beside me. "You, skunk. You drugged me!" Then he giggled again. "I told you, it's herbal." I punched his arm. "Fine. I drugged you. But it's only mild. I don't know you're a baby." Then he laughed.

"I just had a fight with my bestfriend. Well, technically my ex-bestfriend. All thanks to you." Sarcastic tone inserted.

"That's fine. You don't need that btch. All you need is me.."

"Yeah. Whatever."

"It's still early. Let's drink?" He stood up and motioned me to follow him. "I'll pass. I don't want to go in there. Bad vibes." I don't want to see Sara's face. Ugh! I hate her!

"Let's go to another club then. Come on, it's still early. It's only 11 p.m."

"Fine." Then i went inside his car and drove to another bar. Goodness. This will be a long night.

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