Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"Dana, get your butt up. We've got loads of work to do!" Is she really my mother? She's killing me, for goodness' sake! I've been working for 8 hours straight with no break. 

"Nagugutom na ko.." There, I finally said it. I'm no robot. I get tired and exhausted and not to mention HUNGRY!

"But we got a deadline to meet. We will release our summer collection next week and our magazine next, next week. We can't afford to take a break." There she goes again. Workaholic.

"With all due respect, Mrs. President of Ferrer's House of Fashion, i suggest that we all take a break. A 15 mins. break wouldn't hurt, right? Come on, we're all tired and hungry. And after that, we can continue our work." My mom's got no favoritism. She doesn't give me special treatment. How was that? I'm her daughter.. Goodness!

"Fine. 15 mins. only then go back here." Then everybody went outside to eat. Well, they must thank me for saving their butts. Haha.

"Dana, wait." 

"What? The time is running. I should go, you know?" 

"I'm sorry if i'm being hard on you. I just want to be fair to everybody." 

"Yeah, right. Professionalism. I get it." I'm not mad, okay? I'm just hungreeey.

Then i went to the nearest resto and eat. And after being loaded, i went back to our "head quarters."

We worked for 5 hours straight until we finally packed up. I was arranging my stuffs when my mother or should i say boss called me.

"Dana, you're not yet going." I was like what the heck? I need to sleep.

"Whaat? Are you crazy? I need to go home and take a bath and change my clothes and sleep!" I'm getting hysterical. I know. But, can you blame me?

"We have a problem with the magazine.."

"So? I'm no photographer and i'm not a model so i can't help you. So, can i go home now?" Sheez. Why is she being hard on me?

"I know, i know. You know Ariza Domingo?" I nodded. She's insert name here's crush. Boohoo. I'm boycotting all her products. Haha. "She's supposedly the model of our clothing line but sadly, she's sick.." 

"So? Anong paki ko?" We're not even close. Tss.

"The photographer saw you and he thinks that you can replace Ariza.." Me? Replacement? I never dreamt of being second best. I'm DK Ferrer.

"I'm rejecting your proposal. Can i go now?"

"Can you think about it, anak?" She's using reverse-psycology on me. She called me anak!

"As much as i want to, but i can't. I love my life and i have no intentions of entering the crazy world of modelling. I like being low-profiled." Seriously, who on earth would love being followed by annoying paparazzi and creepy stalkers?

As we we're discussing our little problem, Mr. Sy approached us and informed me about the benefits that i will get if i grab this opportunity. As if? I'm already rich. I don't need money.

"Ms. Ferrer, this photo shoot costs P3Million pesos. You will just smile and strike a pose and ta-dah, instant money." Not enough. As i've said, I'm already rich. Money can't buy me. Teehee. "You will be famous and get to mingle with high-profiled people including the hottest bachelors in town." What-the? Is he trying to bribe me with hot bachelors? Haha. But not enough. "Not only here but also in Asia, Europe, America...."




He's there. The guy who hurt me. The guy that I love. Is there a chance that he will see me in magazines if I do this photo shoot and realize that he still loves me and he misses me and he will go back to me and say sorry for hurting me? Even 0.05%?

I don't know why, I don't know how. But i just found myself doing the photoshoot..

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