Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"Mom! You didn't tell me that i'm going to work with that British guy! I should've said no if i knew this!" Remember the guy at the club? The one with a war freak fiance? The hell on earth. He's a model and i am going to work with him. 

"So what? What's the problem with Josh? He's good-looking and professional..."

"But i don't want to work with him!" I cut her off. I'm not being self centered brat or whatever, okay? I just don't want to work with him. I feel creepy. Not to mention guilty.

"You will work with him whether you like it or not and it's final! Just go to Margo and have your make up. Come on."

I can't just leave here, I signed a contract, for goodness' sake! I don't wanna be sued for bridging a contract. That would be stupid. I quote, "A nineteen year old lady, sued by her very own mother for being unprofessional." Sounds real good, right?

"Ms. Ferrer, the shoot will begin in five minutes.." Okay, here it is. I need to put on my best smile. 

I stare at the mirror and said, "You should see this, Cy. You should see that i'm doing good on my own. You should see that i'm better now. You should regret what you did. You should!" 

I was walking when suddenly, somebody pinned me on the wall.

"What the heck! What is your problem?!"

"You owe me bigtime. You ruined my engagement." He said that with his mouth on my neck. Ok-ay. My knees are wobbling. This guy is scaring me.

"What do you want?" Money? What? 

"I'll tell you someday. For now, let's get working." Then he flashed his deadly glare.

My God! What have i gotten myself into? I should have never flirted with him..

"Smile. Good. Good." Smile here. Smile there. Smile everywhere. Being a model isn't pure fun. "Now Josh come closer and put your arms around her waist." Then he placed his arm around my waist. We're so close. I can feel the heat of his body. Darn it. "Now Dana, look straight into Josh's eyes." He sayin' what? "Come on, just look at his eyes.." Fine. Inhale. Exhale. I can do this. "Look at him with love. Imagine that you're in love with him.." As he was instructing me, i'm imagining that i'm staring at his eyes. That he's with me. I know it's crazy but he's the only guy i could think of when the word love is being mentioned..


"Now, for the finale, let's have a kiss from you two."

"What? Kiss? What are we doing? This is a summer collection as far as i can remember. What does a kiss have to do with this, Mr. Sy?!" Ok-ay. I know that it's pure blessing that i get to be kissed by this gorgeous creature but then again, i feel creepy all over my body. It's a bit scary.

"The theme of this photo shoot is Summer Love, Dana. And what's with the fuss? It's just a kiss. Is it your first kiss?" Now he's changing the topic. I was the first to complain. My goodness!

"Of course not!"

"Yeah. We already shared a kiss before, right, darling?" Does he need to brag to everyone that he already kissed me?

"So what? A kiss is just a kiss until you do it with the one that you love." After that, i pulled him and kissed him. And after i heared the camera shots. I pushed him. "And obviously, i don't love you." I saw him smirked and then i left.

I went straight to my unit and sleep till morn. 

I woke up after my 18 hours sleep. No wonder i feel energetic today. So i'm going shopping. Tralala.

I tried calling Nof because i will get her c-card. She owe me that naman eh. But with my bad luck these past few days, her phone can't be reached. Then i tried calling my mom, but then again, her phone is off, too. What's with my luck? Darn it.

So i went to FHF *Ferrer's House of Fashion* with a heavy heart. Hahaha. Natatamad kasi ako eh, plus naaalala ko yung kiss namin ni Josh . Grabe lang.

"Margo, where's mom?" I asked her. I stared at her face. She's pretty but she looks so tired. My mom. Her boss? No wonder.

"She's inside, Ms. Dana." She's too polite and i like her, so i smiled at her. "You look so tired, why don't you take a day-off?" Don't get me wrong. I'm still a btch. She just look awful.

"I can't.. I need to work for my family. Mababawas sa sweldo ko pag umabsent ako. Wag na lang.." Okay. That's it. I went inside and talked to my mom.

"Mom! I demand that Margo should have a day-off or else----- i'll kick your ass!" What the heck? Hahaha.

"Kick my ass? The hell, Dana. She can't. We have loads of work to do." 

"Lagi naman eh. Mukha na siyang zombie, can't you see? Pag namatay yun, magbabayad ka pa sa pamilya niya kasi na overworked sya. Ikaw din..." I'm pushing my luck. Say yes. Say yes.

"Fine. I'll agree to your proposal.." I'm so matalino talaga. I always get what i want. That's me. DK Ferrer.

"But you need to replace her today.." 

"You say what?"

"I said you need to replace her. Nabibingi ka na ba?" 

"But---" I went here to ask for her credit card.. My shopping.. Dress. Heels. Kyaaaaa~

"No buts. Just take it or leave it." Now i believe that she's really my mom. Like mother like daughter pala talaga.

"Fine. You're a manipulative mom! No wonder you're a business woman."

"I'm proud that i am. Now go and tell Margo your good news. And start working, baby girl." Then she smiled.

And when i'm about to leave.. 

"I'm so proud of you, anak." And that line made my day.

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