Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

"Why are you here AGAIN?!" I asked for the nth time. For the past 4 days, he's here. Visiting me. Bringin foods. Yada yada. Who do he think he is? My suitor? Oh please!

"Just visiting you. I heard that you're bored in here so i asked auntie if i could bring you outside, on my expense.." What the, what the, what the? He did that?

"You did what?!" Ok-ay. He got me.

"I told her if i she could let you go outside even for a day.. with me."

"You know what? Your plan is great, minus the fact that you'll be my chaperone." I'm not mean. You guys always think that i'm mean, heartless, ruthless etc. But you know what? When you get to experience all the things i've gone through? You'll know why the heck i'm acting like this.

"Fine. Then stay here. I'll go." He stood up.

"Fine. I'll go out with you, bastard." Then i rolled my eyes.

"Then it's a date. Our very first date." Did i hear it right? Our very first date? 

"You said what?"

"I said that this will be our very first date, Dana. I didn't get the chance to ask you out before so i'm doing this now."

The heck? I can't believe that this is happening. Andrei Guzman, the guy that i loathe, will be my first date? Jarred never asked me out on a date. That jerk. Andy, well, he admitted that he didn't date me before. And *insert his name here*, well, we went to an amusement park before because it's my birthday but never said that it's a date. So, technically speaking, Andy will be my first date? Oh God! This can't be happening!

"So? What's the verdict? We'll go or you'll stay?"

"Shut up, will you? Can't you see that i'm thinking?"

If i'll say yes, that'll make this guy happy. And i don't want that. But if i say no, this day will be another fcking boring day. And i hate it.

"Fine. I'll go with you but it's not a date."

"Then stay here. I'm asking you out on a date."

"What's the matter with you? Why suddenly ask me out? Are you insane?"

"Your the first girl that i asked out on a date.. Just please say yes.."

"Liar. I'm not the first."

"But you are."

"No, i'm not."

"Yes, you are."


"We never went out for a real date. I was just 15 that time."

"Sure. Continue lying, i'll listen." Then i smiled. You know? Just smile when you don't want to listen.

"But i'm not lying."

Smile. Smile. My beautiful smile.

"Fine. You're not the first girl that asked out on a date. That's what you want to hear, right? Now, go out with me, will you?"

"Sure. The pleasure is all YOURS."

Then he drove and we hit the mall. Srsly, a mall? Oh my God! I missed going here.

"This is a first. Thanks for bringing me here. I missed hanging here." He gave me something. "What's this?"

"My credit card. Just go and shop, i'll be waiting here."

"Are you serious? I might reach your credit limit, you know?"

"Sky's the limit. That card is unlimited. Thank my dad for that."

"Well then, i'll better get going. See you after an hour or two."

So i shopped till i dropped. You know this feeling? It's heaven. The person who said that money can't buy happiness doesn't know the pleasure of shopping.

I bought dresses, tops, shorts, pairs of shoes, bags, accessories, name it, i bought it. Woo. This is what i call life. No problem, just pleasure. I even bought Galaxy Tab. Hahaha. I think i spent a hundred thousand. We'll see how his father will react. 

"Grabe, buhay pa ba yung card ko?"

"Yes, i think. Hindi pa naman siya nagme melt." Then i smiled.

"Thanks to my dad, i made you smile."

"Tama na nga pambobola mo. San na ba tayo pupunta?"

"Uuwi na."


"Joke lang. May pupuntahan pa tayo."

"Tatawa na ba ko?"

"Joke ba yun?"

"Whatever." *insert rolling eyes here*

"Pikon naman nito. Tara na nga."

Then he drove this time to a hotel. What are we doing in a hotel? Magche check in kami? Oh please. Hindi pa rin siya nagbabago..

"What? Bakit ganyan kang makatingin?"

"I thought you already changed. Hindi pa pala.."

"Bakit ba? Ano na naman ang ginawa ko?"

"Bakit mo ako dinala sa hotel na 'to?"

Then he burst into laughter. As in burst. Kulang na lang magpagulong gulong siya sa sahig para makatawa. 

"What? Ano bang nakakatawa sa sinabi ko?"

"Sorry. Kasi naman, ang dumi dumi ng isip mo. Hindi naman tayo magche check in eh, may pupuntahan lang tayo. Tss. Nasosobrahan ka na yata sa panonood ng porn movies eh."

"How dare you! Hindi ako nanonood ng porn. Wag mo akong itulad sa'yo."

"Okay, sabi mo eh. Tara na nga."

"Sino ba ang pupuntahan natin? Bakit kailangan sa five star hotel pa?"

"Parents ko.."


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